Why Telling a Story in the Photos I Take Matters So Much to Me

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Why Telling a Story in the Photos I Take Matters So Much to Me | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - Why Telling a Story in the Photos I Take Matters So Much to Me Everyone has their story to tell. Everyone. Photographs are an incredible way to share touching and meaningful stories that resonate to those who view them. Sometimes written text accompanying these stories help too, like in the case of the Fosters and their modern Indian wedding (which you can read about here!). 

I’ve always put my clients first when it comes to their photo sessions. They are why I always, as a professional photographer, want to find out and capture their story. There are so many reasons why doing this matters so much to me.

Behind the scenes looks are popular

Some of the best stories I’ve heard have come from watching the behind the scenes glances of the people who want to make a beautiful event come to life. It could be a wedding or a child’s first birthday. I love being able to share people’s stories with the rest of the world. 

As it turns out, I’m not the only one either! Some of the remarks I’ve gotten on Facebook and Instagram have gushed over how cute or beautiful or sweet a wedding or newborn photograph looks when I post it. For me telling stories with photos is a trend that will never fall out of style.

Making photos more authentic

I have never been told that I am inauthentic or phony. Every photo I take and every person I take photos of are real people who have stories to share. 

Whether it’s at a public event or a family reunion or a party, I always talk to the people who hire me before the session takes place. It’s not only part of my job, but also so much of what I do involves planning and being organized (but also making room for spontaneous moments if the opportunity arises! Because you just never know.). It’s this sense of organization around my photoshoots that has helped me make all of the photos you see in my galleries authentic and genuinely heartfelt.

Spur of the moment opportunities galore

At certain times you may discover a photo opportunity that’s so good even if it wasn’t in the original plan. One great example is when I asked the newlywed Foster couple to take their dance to the beach. The sun was setting and their song was playing in the background. 

Real spur of the moment snap decisions are one of my favourite things to do as a professional photographer. Some moments are absolutely too good to pass on and sometimes things don’t go according to plan—because they become even better plans in the end! Even if you do make a plan, it’s good to have that little leeway so that a certain glimpse of the story you’re reading is shed in a whole new light.

Timing becomes everything

Some of the coolest photos I’ve taken have involved the very non-technical art of timing. The speed in which a beautiful photo opportunity occurs versus that of your finger on the camera button is a technique that all professional photographers aim for, but very few achieve. One example I can think of is this awesome shot of a hummingbird that was in my garden:

Photos by Cheryl - hummingbird photograph taken in 2019Photos by Cheryl - hummingbird photograph taken in 2019 I’m sure that by the time you thought to take out your phone to get a moment like this on camera, that moment was already gone. If I can capture a moment like this, then I can get shots of your kids at their most fidgety too, or even beautiful seconds in time that maybe you didn’t realize were happening. These are sights that no phone, no matter how fast you whip it out or how advanced your phone is, can create. 

There’s beauty everywhere

We take so much for granted because we live in a distracted state of being 24/7. Technology is at our fingertips now more than ever, but that same gift can also be a curse if it’s not used responsibly or it’s used too much. 

Technology can distract us from what’s in front of our faces. The colours change from season to season, and the weather can brighten a dark day. And did you know there’s beauty in the way you look at your children and spouse you’ve spent your life with?

Beauty is everywhere. Maybe it’s time you let someone help you realize it. Photos can help tell that beautiful story you’ve always wanted to share, but never really could articulate it into words. Why not let the imagery speak for itself instead? 

I would love for you to tell me your story. Contact me if you think I’d be the perfect match for your photos. I love hearing stories from every single one of my clients. I’m sure you’ve got one to tell too!

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