Chad & Ashley Foster’s Dream Beach Wedding in Ucluelet BC

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Chad & Ashley Foster’s Dream Beach Wedding in Ucluelet BC | Photos by CherylChad & Ashley Foster’s Dream Beach Wedding in Ucluelet BC

Ever since I my first ever session in Ucluelet BC I’ve been dying to share these photos of Chad and Ashley Foster’s dream beach wedding come true!

When I first talked to Ashley on the phone it was to do an engagement photoshoot for them. When I heard their plan was to get married in Ucluelet BC, that’s when I started asking questions.

After doing weddings for 18 years I really want to concentrate on weddings that are a little different. That means travelling within BC, or being in a quirky/different location. This modern Indian wedding of Chad and Ashley’s totally fit the bill. 

My husband doesn’t usually join me for weddings, but we worked this wedding together. He was such a huge help.

Ucluelet is full of stunning ocean views, beaches, rugged rocks, sunsets, and beautiful lodges. I love exploring new places and to photograph this wedding was a dream for me, and especially a dream come true for Ashley and Chad.

Setting the Scene for this Modern Indian Wedding

The road to reach Wya Point Resort was long and rugged. Once we got there, I saw the most gorgeous lodges, each one different from the rest. Chad and the men were in Lodge 1, while Ashley and her girls were in Lodge 9. I loved that I could spend time with each of them before their big moment. 

A hill led down to the beach. The bridesmaids walked down this path and were met by the men at the beach. 

Ashley’s mom walked her down and when they got to the beach, her dad walked her the rest of the way. Chad was in awe the entire time.

The beach was private and the ocean crashed behind them. The ceremony was beautiful, filled with tears, joy, and a few giggles.

And then, they were husband and wife.

Letting the Bride and Groom Have Their Moments

After a bit of time to hug and pose for candid shots, we headed to another beach on the same property with just the bride and groom. This is so important for the newlyweds to get some alone absorb what’s happening. To take a step back, talk, laugh, and share intimate moments together. 

This gorgeous beach, with rugged black rocks and ocean waves, was an amazing backdrop. I was in heaven taking these photos, and Ashley and Chad had time to just be in the moment. Ucluelet is truly a dream location to take wedding photos.

When we returned, we did the wedding party photos and family photos, and then just chilled out. There were fun games on the beach, delicious appetizers, and delightful drinks.

A Change of Style that Honoured Heritage

Before the reception the bride and groom headed back to the lodge. Now was the time to take off the traditional wedding attire and honour the bride’s heritage. The colour of blue that they chose was outstanding! I got to witness and photograph a few of their traditions. I was honoured to be part of it.

Finally came the moment to go back down to the beach. It was so great to see the guests’ reactions to the clothing change.

The rest of the evening was filled with amazing food. Beautiful speeches were made, sweet dancing was beheld, and then the party really started.

How Ashley and Chad Decided on Their Indian Clothing

Originally Ashley and Chad were going to do the Ucluelet wedding as a symbolic one, and their friend Mike was going to help get them ‘married’ in a traditional Indian wedding at home. That way, everyone would be happy. Upon examining the cost, however, they decided to make the destination the real deal and invite everyone; whoever decided to come, would come. Amazingly, everyone came! 

When the date got closer, Chad and Ashley went to her grandparents’ house who expressed how nice it would be to see them in traditional Indian well as to surprise everyone. Chad being the great guy that he is said, “Sure, let’s do it!”

The outfits they ended up with were so elegant and simple and perfect for wearing at the beach.

True Family Stories & Traditions

Family was truly the main theme and dream for the couple, and this thought extended into their preparations prior to the wedding. Before they exchanged their rings at their wedding ceremony, Chad and Ashley were on the hunt for a wood-engraved ring for Chad. It had to be wood because Chad...well, he loves being out in the wilderness! Along their way the couple came across a ring engraved with the symbol of Eternity from Welsh culture. This was perfect as Chad is half Welsh and half German!

Ashley never got to meet her now-husband’s grandmother Isabella, but they stories shared with her described her as the most beautiful woman and of bonds strong and true between Chad and his grandparents. To this day Chad’s grandfather speaks of her as if it were the first day they met.

Also at the head table, Chad's mom brought down candle holders that were from her dad and mom's wedding. It was the very same thought and gesture that went into the rings, which also went along the theme of ‘something borrowed’ that was beautiful!

Dances to Remember

Before the couple’s main wedding dance, there was Chad’s dance with his mom, and Ashley’s dance with her dad. This was huge for them because family means so much.

“My mom and dad split years ago, which divided the families,” Ashley said. “One thing I saw when I envisioned my wedding was the families being together and enjoying each other's company. Chad understood how important that was to me and helped me make that happen! With making this a destination wedding...well, they had to be together, and thankfully they all enjoyed each other with a lot of reminiscing.”

Since this was my first wedding ever in Ucluelet, I deferred my questions to the wedding planner. That part of the island is known for its spectacular sunsets. Even on cloudy days, the sun usually comes out. About an hour before sunset, Suzanne said that her optimism had waned and we probably wouldn’t get one.    

Not long after though, the sun started peeking through. We grabbed the bride and groom for a few photos, but they were anxious to get back to the dancing. The only problem was that the sunset just kept getting better and better. Finally, we came up with the idea to bring them back to the beach for a dance.

Suzanne and I had Steve (the DJ) play Chad and Ashley’s song that they originally wanted to walk into for the reception. Given Ashley’s culture, her grandparents wanted them to walk into the wedding dhol beat (Indian instrumental), and again Chad being the amazing guy he said “of course”. But then, to have the couple dance to their song, as the sunset just got better and better, was not something the bride and groom expected. This was a spontaneous and unexpected surprise for them, but a richly rewarding experience when all was said and done.

Their dance truly could not have been more romantic. The photos turned out amazing, and I know that that scene in their minds will never fade. 

The Vendors Who Helped Make this Dream Wedding a Reality

It is truly amazing the number of people who can band together to make one couple’s dream of a beach wedding come to life. 

Naturally first credit goes to Ashley and Chad’s wedding planner Suzanne Ryles from West Coast Weddings and Events who was amazing! Many of the questions I had were deferred to her, since this was my first ever wedding to photograph in Ucluelet.

Thank you to Mark McKeough from On the Beach as the wedding videographer. 

Catering credit goes to Paul and Tony from Memphis Blues, who came with their food truck to the Island.

Both the flowers and cake were generously contributed by Willowbrook Safeway Extra. 

The beautiful wedding cake you see here was made by Ashley’s mom and aunt! The icing and plain cake came from Safeway as well, but these two women are the ones who put it all together with this spectacular result!

All tables, tents, chairs, etc. came from Smashing Glasses in Tofino.

Ashley’s wedding dress came from Lisa’s Bridal in New Westminster. They were amazing at making you feel like it was your special day and really looking for your vision. Ashley found it on day one and only went into that store! 

The bride and groom’s Indian outfits and change of clothing came from Frontier in Delta. So beautiful!

Outfits for the groom and his groomsmen were from Moore's, and the bridesmaids dresses were from David's Bridal.

Steve Barr was the DJ and he was amazing with taking special requests! He did Indian music for his first time and rocked it.

Many thanks to Wya Point in Ucluelet for providing a private and beautiful setting for Ashley and Chad.

And of course, all photos taken here were taken by me, Cheryl Kathler from Photos by Cheryl “who was also like having another party planner!” according to Ashley.

It really was a dream come true for Ashley and Chad. Did you like what you saw here? Maybe I’m the best fit for your big day. Contact me if you think we’d be a great match. Let’s talk about making your dream wedding come true!


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