Memories You Should Absolutely Have in Your Photo Album

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Memories You Should Absolutely Have in Your Photo Album | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - Memories You Should Absolutely Have in Your Photo Album Photo albums are a good reminder of how far we've come and to help not only ourselves, but also leave behind proof of your life's journey. If you're looking to create a photo album for your family this year, then you're going to want all kinds of memories. You should absolutely have these types of photos in your album.

You and the whole family

When I say 'the whole family' I mean the people in your family who mean the absolute most to you. You can also think of this as your means of reuniting with family members.

You and your mom

Whether you have a rocky relationship or not, she's your only mother and in most cases your pillar of strength. Moms don't have it easy; they have to do so many things every single day once they become mothers to ensure their family is happy and healthy. Being with family and enjoying the time spent together is a feeling that moms carry across from generation to generation, from mother to mother.   

Grandparents with their grandchildren

All of these moments are so precious! No matter how fleeting the time spent together may be, grandparents can form the most amazing memories in your children's lives. Whether it's the first day they're meeting or the hundredth, there's something special about this bond. If they're especially close, your kids will be thankful to have these memories later on in life.

You and your dad

Just like with you and your mom, your dad can also be your pillar of strength and dads don't have an easy time when it comes to raising their families either. I'm so grateful to have photos of my own dad since he's no longer here. You really never know what curveballs life will throw at you or your family; dad will probably appreciate the photos afterward for sure.

Yearly 'highlights'

Sometimes it's really tough remembering what really happened in the past year unless you take pictures of the occasion. This is where adding things like yearly highlights can make a photo album even more incredible. Be sure to include text and dates with each photo so that it's even easier to remember what took place. 

Milestones reached

Grad, prom, first day at school (ever), wedding anniversaries, first birthdays...the list goes on. Maybe not every year something incredible happens, but there are still several milestones you may not have considered to get photos of for an album, such as:

  • Bringing a new family pet home
  • Opening a new business
  • Moving into a new home (maybe your first ever)
  • Getting engaged
  • Introducing a new sibling to your child
  • Reuniting with family after a year—perhaps it's an annual tradition for you all?
  • Firsts of all kinds—camping trips, kids meeting their grandparents, visits to a new park or area in your own neighbourhood, the list goes on

Need help with capturing the memories?

With all these memories to consider putting into your photo album, maybe there are a few photos that you meant to preserve, but then life happened and you forgot where they took place. Or maybe you want to recreate certain moments, or get highlights of the past year's milestones, and you're not sure where to get help with that.

I've been helping people create their most precious and priceless photo albums for over 2 decades now. If you'd like to hire a professional photographer to capture any of the memories listed here, give me a call. I'd love to help and be of service to you and your family.

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