Creative Best Man & Bridesmaid Photo Ideas for Intimate Weddings

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Creative Best Man & Bridesmaid Photo Ideas for Intimate Weddings | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - Creative Best Man & Bridesmaid Photo Ideas for Intimate Weddings

Not every wedding taking place this year and beyond is going to be enormous or especially extravagant. Smaller, more intimate weddings are likely going to stay a trend in weddings (I wrote about this a while back, if you're interested). These people supported you as you and your partner got closer in your relationship to the point where you can't imagine them being absent on your wedding day. 

The best men and bridesmaids will definitely be a part of your big day and could be included in your wedding photo album if you're especially close to them all. Here are some creative best man and bridesmaid photo ideas for your intimate wedding's future album.

Getting Ready Glimpses

Behind-the-scenes glances are always fun, because it's about the bride and groom having room to breathe and prepare for the moment when they say "I do" to each other. Being the Maid of Honour or best man means taking on certain responsibilities that the wedding couple needs you to help them with. These responsibilities can include making sure they stay hydrated, adding cuff links or hair accessories, being supportive if they get nervous (it's normal to feel that way!), and even making them laugh to calm their nerves to mention a few. 

I'm sure there are lots more things a bridesmaid and the best man must do during this time, and they're probably all worth getting a good look at after the fact.

Having a Chat

Who doesn't love having a close conversation with a bestie? Take a seat on the couch and catch up on some girly gossip. Groom, if you're into it, break out the cigars or booze with your guy friends and destress while chatting with them. Sometimes it's moments like this when you're laid back and catching your breath from all of the wedding prep can make for some unique moments and expressions caught on camera. 

Show off the Accessories

A lot of money, time, and effort went into making everyone participating in the wedding look amazing. Of course, there's a story behind the bride and groom's wedding rings and other accessories. So why not let the wedding party show off the accessories they're wearing or using for the occasion too? Bridesmaids, feel free to colour match your floral bouquets with your dresses. Groomsmen, if you've got watches to show off, do it! 

Break out the shades

Is the weather super sunny? Why not don some sunglasses and get everyone else involved (yes, the bride and groom too!). Some styles of shades provide an opportunity for fun, funny poses and warm, close moments when people are having fun together. 

All together now!

A group photo can be a tough thing to capture given how many extra rules are now in place for groups in general. I call it a good challenge as a photographer and even to this day I excel at organizing these kinds of photos at weddings. I can even get the kids to calm down and unwind if they're playing their own special roles on your wedding day. 

Need a wedding photographer?

I've been helping photograph families, newborns, engagements, elopements, and of course weddings for over 20 years now. I love to get creative while also coming up with the perfect plan for your perfect wedding day. If you two are looking for the right professional wedding photographer, you can't go wrong with meeting me. Give me a call and let's find out if we're the perfect fit. 

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