Creative Ideas for a COVID-safe Graduation Photoshoot

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Creative Ideas for a COVID-safe Graduation Photoshoot | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - Creative Ideas for a COVID-safe Graduation Photoshoot

Are you a student who is going to graduate this year? One thing for sure is you're probably feeling uncertain about what your future may hold. It's unfortunate that COVID-19 precautions are still ongoing and it hasn't been easy on anyone since it first took hold over everything last year. Yet, amazingly, several students and their families chose to celebrate even when things looked bleak. Whatever life threw at them, they stood up to the challenge and triumphed regardless of their circumstances.

We are not out of the woods yet in terms of COVID, but that doesn't mean you and your family can't live your life nor does it mean you can't celebrate your graduation. Think of this as an opportunity to try something new and different, while practicing all of the safety precautions that are still going to be in place for a while. Read on to check out these creative ideas for a COVID-safe graduation photoshoot.

1. Take it Outside

With such lovely weather being more and more present as the season goes on, I'm positive you're as antsy to be outside as much as we all are. Parks and beaches are still a classic go-to option for grad photoshoots for a reason. You can get beautiful photos taken of you and your family and feel safe knowing you're having a more private photo session while outside and practicing safe distancing all the while. The outdoors also lends itself to some more fun ideas such as wild animal cameos (last year a bear made a guest appearance! Don't worry, it respected social distancing itself and stayed away).

2. Visit Part of Your Childhood

Some students may like the idea of seeing how far they've come in terms of their education. Why not take your grad photoshoot back to your childhood school? You could also embrace your inner child by getting photos taken near other things such as an ice cream truck or near a playground you spent a lot of time at with your family. For a more personal and sentimental touch, consider getting a photoshoot taken in your childhood bedroom (which may have turned into your classroom recently).

Here's another fun idea: why not recreate some childhood photos as well? Ask your photographer to help you recreate the most fun and hilarious moments of your past. It can be fun to reminisce about those memories for your grad.

3. Small but Fun Gatherings

I know you may be disappointed to not celebrate your grad with every single person in your class, but the good news is you can still have fun with the people you are the closest to! Gatherings as of now are still limited to only a few people, but I can assure you that that small number can still make for some fun moments regardless. 

Even if your friends can't make it in person, you can still find a way to include them. Get everyone to join in on a Zoom or Skype call and ask for some screenshots. If you have photos of them to share, share them in the photo session too! Whether they're present or not, there are several ways to include the people you cherish the most while staying safe too.

4. Got a pet?

You may not have been allowed to have your pet present for school's sake until recently, so now's a great time to get your four-legged family members involved! Bring Fido along with you to a grad session outdoors, or let your pet pose with you on the couch. They were probably by your side this whole time you were studying; this is a great opportunity to show your love in photographic form.

5. Drive off into the horizon

Cars are another classic prop for some grad photo sessions, and maybe this year was when you got your very first. You can ride off into the horizon (literally and figuratively) and your photographer can capture you from that safe distance.

Got some ideas of your own? Would you like to use any one of these for you and your family? Give me a call when you're ready to start celebrating grad. It would be an honour to help you capture such moments on camera even during these difficult times.

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