How to Plan for a Rainy Weather Photo Session

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How to Plan for a Rainy Weather Photo Session | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - How to Plan for a Rainy Weather Photo Session It should be no surprise to anyone living in Port Coquitlam and the Vancouver BC area that when it rains here, it pours. For some people, rain can be a true downer especially if you've been planning for an outdoor photo session. Don't let rain get your day down though! Here are some tips on how to plan for a wetter, rainier weather photo session so you can relax and enjoy yourself. 

Check the Forecast

Naturally this should be the very first thing you do when planning your shoot with your professional photographer. If there's a date you simply can't skip out on but the weather is looking less than pleasant, commit to the date anyway but don't be disappointed if you're forced to reschedule. Sometimes the weather forecast is spot on, while other times it's wildly inaccurate. Guessing the weather can be like rolling the dice—you never know what numbers the temperature outside will land on.

Adjust to an Indoor Session if Need Be

If the weather ends up rainy to the point where being wet is very uncomfortable for everyone involved, it may be best for everyone involved to shift gears and take the photo session inside. This is a more optional solution, but when it comes to the weather here, you never can tell. You don't have to let your indoor session be boring though; sometimes your home can be your best environment, or in the case of more serious moments such as headshots, a home office or studio.

Prepare a Brightly Coloured Wardrobe

The silver lining to having rain pour on your photoshoot is that you can find ways to stand out against the dark clouds in the background. Grey is the perfect natural neutral that nature itself provides to us professional photographers. This allows all of the other colours of the rainbow your wardrobe consists of to shine through, whatever the type of shoot may be. 

Bright coloured tops can help to make your face shine out amidst the darker shades that rainy days tend to present. Keep the bottoms of your wardrobe or your coats a neutral shade in order to let certain colours pop a little more. Alternatively, consider dressing in neutral colours and let your umbrella or rainy day wardrobe accessories add a splash of your personality to the pictures. This tip applies to all kinds of occasions and moments in photoshoots, whether it's a casual family outing or a lifetime event such as an anniversary or engagement.

Another tip for your wardrobe is to wear rainy day clothing that's easy to take on and off and is light and comfortable to wear. Sometimes the weather can change to the point where it gets too humid and wet to handle! Boots and similar shoewear (avoid open-faced shoewear such as sandals) are also recommended for rainy days.

Add Rainy Weather Items to Your Plan

I'm mostly referring to your wardrobe again but one item in particular you should bring to your outdoor session is an umbrella. Whatever size you prefer to bring or if you want everyone involved to bring their own makes no difference. Typically the colour choice of an umbrella is black so that your wardrobe will pop against the background, but clear umbrellas are also a good choice to avoid distraction away from you, the subject. If you'd rather not get your hair or wardrobe wet, this item is a must. You can also use the umbrella as a prop for spur-of-the-moment moments, such as a kiss with your hubby under the rain. If your kids love their umbrellas (maybe they're coloured or patterned in a way that reflects a part of their personalities), then all the more reason to bring their umbrellas along too.

Other rainy weather items that are worth including in your plan for an outdoor photo session are:

  • An extra change of clothes. Just in case something happens to your current wardrobe, such as mud splatters or you end up being soaked through.
  • Towels. This is a must for me considering my equipment, however if you truly end up soaked for any reason, this is a handy thing to have.
  • Plastic bags. These can be used for all kinds of purposes, such as having a seat on a wet bench or laying on the muddy ground so your best shoes don't get caked with the mud. Garbage bags work as well since they're much bigger.
  • Hair ties. Keep this in your pocket and not on your wrist so it doesn't appear in the photos afterwards. A must-have if you have long hair and don't want the wind blowing in your face.

Outside still works!

Even if it's raining outside, there's no reason to settle on an indoor photo session every time the weather turns grey. Think about moments in your life when rain took place and we can use that to our advantage. When was the last time you and your family played in the puddles? Was your first kiss before getting married or engaged in the rain? What if a rainbow were to appear while you're getting your photos taken...wouldn't that be something worth waiting for? 

Rain may be wet, but it brings with it some magical elements that are severely underrated; it all depends on how you look at this weather. I look at it as brand new opportunities and moments that may end up being treasured when all is said and done. If you see rain the same way, there's no reason to move your session indoors—outside still works. We can make it happen.

Need help with planning for your outdoor photo session? Want to prepare for rainy weather with a professional? Contact me today if you would like some help being photographed. Having been at this for over 20 years now, I know what it's like to need to expect the expected, rain or shine.

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