12 Days of Christmas (12 of My Favourite Moments from 2021)

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12 Days of Christmas (12 of My Favourite Moments from 2021) | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - 12 Days of Christmas (12 of My Favourite Moments from 2021)

What a year we have all had! With a new normal on the horizon and a brand new year ahead of us all, I thought it was worth revisiting some of these magical moments I captured on camera.

I want to mention that when I was compiling this blog post for you, I was smiling the whole time. This post is all about treasuring the here and the now.

Like the previous year, which you can re-explore here: My Favourite Photos from 2020 & Why (Plus My Hopes for 2021); this year brought with it a real sense of celebration for life, in all its different colours and moments, while I was photographing them. 

This post could not have been made without all of your amazing help.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane and see the "12 days of Christmas" (a.k.a. what my personal favourite moments from 2021 in photos looked like!).

1. Lifestyle/Studio Photos

I love having the option to do indoor or outdoor photos depending on the desired outcome. 

Maybe it's a new chapter in your life and you just want to have a fresh start and fresh look. Or maybe, as grandparents, you want to make use of my studio and celebrate with the ones you cherish the most (complete with Grandma’s baking).

2. Spring

This year's spring sessions were rare. The cherry blossoms and the tulips lined up perfectly. 

During many of my sessions, we were able to capture both kinds of flowers, from engagement photos to a child capturing the first smells of spring.

3. Summer

I love when opportunities present themselves and I can share that with my clients. Who doesn’t love a Dad & sons photo with a cool truck?

As parents we know how quickly time flies. I love that I could also do a shoot with this 3-year-old just to celebrate her.

4. Fall

Everyone loves a great fall photo. This year was challenging with the amount of rain that we got. But there were so many beautiful moments regardless! 

This is the family whose wedding I did, and now could have fun with their 2 boys.  

The surprise grove of red leaves while doing an engagement shoot.  

The gentleman whose headshots I did in the studio, and then I got to meet the rest of his amazing family where they celebrated life and gratitude.  

So many stories, so many amazing people that come into my life.

5. Winter

Snow isn’t always a given in our part of the world. This couple’s wedding will be next December. 

The chances of having snow on that day are probably slim. So we went to find the snow on top of a local mountain. It was purely magical.

6. Grad

This year was a bit like last year where there was no official Prom. However, I was so happy to see that so many people booked photoshoots for their grads this year.  

It was a busy time, but so much fun. One of my favourites was being able to go to Squamish where I spent the first 6 years of my married life, and take photos of a dear friend’s daughter and her best friends. 

The predictable winds and the Stawamus Chief in the background warmed my heart. 

And then there was the surprise realization that Burnaby Mountain now has a Cinderella Coach. It was perfect for this gorgeous grad. 

Then, there are the girls that have danced their way through school together. Belcarra Park was the perfect backdrop.

7. Weddings

Another year of changing wedding plans to fit the restrictions of the day. It was a busy year for weddings and each one was so unique. It was hard to pick just a few of my favourites. 

In early July I got to photograph this small and intimate wedding at Burnaby Village Museum. The bonus is that I hadn’t seen the bride since high school.   
October’s wedding was special as I got to capture their proposal at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day. It rained really hard the day of the wedding, but we had coverage at Deer Lake Park and the fall colours were amazing. 

And this last couple…what a journey. My husband and I got to know them early last year. They had 2 other wedding dates that didn’t happen. Finally on November 20, they got married. So much love and joy. And how about that car! It was a show stopper. 

8-11: Baby's First Year

3 of my favorite things wrapped into 1!

This is such a fun package. It includes a bonus Gender Reveal session (perfect if you're finding out ahead of time), a Maternity Session, a Newborn Session (in-studio/lifestyle session at your home or outdoors), 6 month photos, and a Cake Smash & Splash. 

This year I have quite a few clients who are in the midst of this package. The first 4 images you see here are from a family I have known for quite some time! 

The Gender Reveal was priceless. When their daughter saw that it was blue, she asked if her gun had pink in it. She clearly wanted a sister. 

Our maternity session was fun. The mom brought an outfit and then I supplied the red gown. 

And then when their baby boy was born, they did a studio session. 

I can’t wait for the 6 month photos next.  

An outdoor session is also super fun. Babies seem to be way more chill when they are outside. This sweet little girl is a cousin to the baby boy in the last photo.  

And then there is the option of a Lifestyle at Home session.  

This little princess is so loved. I had the awesome opportunity of photographing her parents' wedding in Ucluelet 2 years ago. 

12. Woodstone Cottage

Many of you have followed our journey of having a tiny cottage built in our backyard. Hubby gets the shed in the back. I get the gorgeous veranda on the front. 

It was ready in time for Mother’s Day. These daughters planned a shoot to celebrate their mom.

Currently I am in the midst of Christmas at the Woodstone Cottage. I am loving the reaction when clients step into the backyard to see the magical set-up. 

I met this first family as a result of my porch sessions last year. They have become very dear to me. 

The cuteness overload for the next little guy is off the charts. 

I love that kids don’t necessarily have to pose, but can play, and that makes for awesome images. 

And then there is this family of 3, soon to be 4. They lent and set up a huge tent for me and I am beyond grateful that the Christmas sessions have been dry! 

And finally, the family behind the gorgeous keepsakes this year! It has been an absolute joy to work with a local business—Perfectly Imperfekt Decor.

What were your favourite memories?

I hope you enjoyed this stroll down memory lane with me! I would love to hear from you what your most memorable and precious moments were this past year.

If you feel you'd like to make even more amazing memories happen and have them captured in photos, give me a call.

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