The Most Traditional Christmas Pictures You'll Want Taken

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The Most Traditional Christmas Pictures You'll Want Taken | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - The Most Traditional Christmas Pictures You'll Want Taken Have you ever seen a neighbour or family member's Christmas photos from the past and thought to yourself, "That looks so pleasant, I wish I could do the same for my family!"? Even though the world has drastically changed in the past few years, the spirit of Christmas shines on.

If you'd like to celebrate certain traditions that take place around this time of year, there's no better way to reflect on them after the fact than with photos. Getting pictures taken can also lend to creating some unique and heartwarming Christmas cards to share with your family and loved ones who are too far away to celebrate with you! 

If this all sounds like a good idea to you, read on. Here are some of the most traditional Christmas pictures you'll want taken.

Bringing the tree home

Depending on where you live in the Tri-Cities, the tradition of bringing a fresh-cut Christmas tree yourself can still be a fun activity for the whole family. Ask your photographer to come along for the ride and enjoy picking out the perfect Christmas tree without having to worry about finding your phone for pictures yourself. 

For families who'd rather stay in, a fun twist on this tradition could be making a big deal out of bringing the tree 'home' (i.e. out of the basement or storage) if you have an artificial one. Again, let your photographer be the one to capture this annual tradition.

Decorating the tree

This one's a classic! Just like snowflakes, no Christmas tree is the same and every family's favourite ornaments have their own special stories to tell. Why not get photos taken of this year's beloved tree?

Placing homemade decorations on the tree and in your home are moments that are always worth cherishing and celebrating in picture form. 

Playing in the snow

This one is a little more weather-dependent and may not always work out, however in the Port Coquitlam area we can get quite a bit of snowfall this time of year. Bundle up and take the kids outside to make snow angels, build a snowman, or try to catch snowflakes on your tongue while on a family walk in the snowy park. Again, let your photographer capture these moments rather than forcing yourself to do so.

Getting cozy under a blanket

What better way to spend winter nights than with things that make you feel warm and cozy? Grab a blanket and a hot drink and have your photographer take photos while you cuddle up with your kids. You're never too old to enjoy these sorts of moments with your loved ones. 

Waiting for Santa

What kid doesn't get excited by the thought of Santa? Whether it's waiting at the top of the stairs trying to get a sneak peek, or leaving out a carrot for Rudolph next to Santa's milk and cookies, there's nothing like waiting for Santa's arrival to make for a traditional photo setting.

Need a photographer's help?

I know it's hard to think of tradition given that this year and the year before have really challenged us all. However, it's my firm belief that family traditions that make everyone happy and full of joy during the holidays need to carry on for everyone's sake.

What are some of your family's Christmas traditions? Would you like to have photos taken this year, perhaps for Christmas cards? Let me know! Give me a call and let's get started with a plan.

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