How to Make Family Christmas Photos Extra Special This Year

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There's something about this time of year that makes things so much more magical. When you take the time to really see the snow falling on the tree boughs, or see the excitement in your children's eyes when you tell them Santa's on his way, there's a lot about this season that's worth making fond memories of.

With so many Christmases you and your family have celebrated so far, you may be feeling stumped on how to make this year extra special for everyone. Why not plan on some family Christmas photos and then take things up a notch? 

If that sounds great to you and yet you're not sure how or where to start, this list can help. Here's how to make your family Christmas photos extra special this year.

Create a new tradition!

Do you like the idea of doing something different to keep the spirit of the season feeling fresh and new? Maybe you want to provide your kids with something meaningful to look forward to this time of year. 

You can always ask for help from a professional photographer to capture these kinds of moments on film in the meantime. 

Here are a few ideas for creating a new tradition for the holidays:

  • Homemade advent calendars. What better way to help kids feel like time is speeding up to seeing Santa than by creating your own advent calendar? Rather than buying the usual calendar at the store, try out some creative ideas and get photos taken while you're all together creating this or leave it as a surprise for the kids later during a session.
  • Try a new family activity. Some ideas could be sledding, snowboarding, skiing, caroling, baking, or building a gingerbread house. Keep reading for more ideas!
  • Sneak a kiss under the mistletoe with your loved one, whether you're dating or you have a significant other. You don't always have to wait until New Year's Eve, you know…

Try something new

Some of the above activities are a great starting point. What I'm wondering is: is there a Christmas tradition you've always wanted to do, yet never seemed to have enough time for it? Why not make that magic happen this year and get photos taken before, during, and afterwards? 

Some ideas can include:

  • Baking a new kind of Christmas cookie or treat (there are lots of recipes from around the world to choose from!)
  • The advent calendar (see above idea)
  • Visit a tree lighting or Christmas lights at a place you've never seen before
  • Donating to a charity of your family's choice and taking photos of all the things you plan to give away
  • Go (safely) to a Christmas market with local businesses—this will depend on what will be available or open at this time

Celebrate your current traditions

Whatever you typically do with your family around the holidays may have to be dialed back a touch since we're still navigating this year after the last. That being said, more and more families in the Poco area are brushing the dust off their past traditions and really making family the centre of their attention this year. 

Consider getting photos taken of your family's traditions, such as:

  • Waking up to certain breakfasts in the morning (what's your favourite?)
  • Opening presents together (is a vacation in 2022 your biggest surprise to the kids?)
  • Going for a stroll to admire Christmas lights
  • Hang around the fireplace, maybe with your favourite holiday movie or TV special
  • Christmas dinner—do you have a favourite dish or tradition here too?

Get professional photos taken

Has it been a while since the family had photos taken with everyone involved? Why not make some new memories this year? If you've never had professional family Christmas photos taken at all, or maybe you've got a new little one to cherish in the family, this might be a great year to make that magic happen.

Professionally shot Christmas photos don't have to take place in a studio either! Some places like the Porch at Woodstone Cottage can make for a beautiful and festive setting for your family pictures.

Need a professional photographer?

I've been photographing families for over two decades now and I can tell you that this is the busiest time of the year for a good reason. It seems that with each year passing our to-do lists seem to get bigger.

Why not take the pressure off of everyone by letting me help with creating these festive memories? Give me a call and let's plan to make some Christmas magic happen.

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