How to Get Kids Ready for Family Photoshoots

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How to Get Kids Ready for Family Photoshoots | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - How to Get Kids Ready for Family Photoshoots

As a parent myself, I know firsthand how it feels to try and get kids settled and comfortable, especially when it's picture time. Kids can be a handful if they're having a bad day or they're bored, so it may help you to know this: I'm really good with kids and I love talking to them!

With groups being a specialty of mine, it's no wonder some families have come to me asking how they can help their children feel more comfortable in front of a camera. Here are some tips.

Test runs always, always turn out for the best

Not every kid likes a surprise. How did you feel when you were a child and you were suddenly presented with an unfamiliar thing, such as a bathtub when it's not even close to bathtime, or a cake when you have no earthly idea what a cake is quite yet? Do you remember how it felt to be told to sit still, even though moments before you were running outside carefree? It still stings a little to remember those moments, doesn't it?

With some test photoshoots and some planning before the big day, you can help your kids feel more at ease with me as the photographer and also have a better idea of what to expect the next day. 

Lower your expectations

Though surprised expressions make for more candid moments, your kids may not have the reaction you're expecting when the moment arrives. Your children may also be less than willing to dress formally the way mom and dad have done, and trust me when I say that emotion will definitely show on camera. 

This tip may sound confusing, but as a parent I can tell you myself: lowering your expectations makes for better moments caught on film. Doing so can make room for filling your day with the sense of joy you're looking for. 

Let me get to know them

I love getting to know kids before a photoshoot takes place! Helping them get to know me as their professional photographer generally works out for the best. I can make them more at ease if they're uncomfortable, get them giggling, and definitely get them looking more photogenic by talking to them first. A big part of my job involves working together with groups and kids both, so I really don't mind giving a helping hand if that's what you need.

Ready? Let's get to planning

Whatever kind of special occasion you're hoping to have photographed, planning ahead and helping kids get comfortable will ensure everything goes smoothly and without a hitch.  If you're looking for an experienced and professional family photographer, contact me today. I'd love to meet your kids!

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