Photography Trends for 2021 to Consider for Your Next Session

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Photos by Cheryl - Photography Trends for 2021 to Consider for Your Next SessionPhotos by Cheryl - Photography Trends for 2021 to Consider for Your Next Session It's a new year and with it comes some new traditions...or rather, there are new traditions that were introduced last year carrying forward into this one. For better or for worse, some of these new ways of life, such as social distancing, may be here to stay indefinitely. Other new things, such as trends in 2021, are worth exploring especially when it comes to photography.

I can't wait to put some of these trends to work, because a few of them sound really cool and I'd love to share them with my clients. Here are some of the biggest photography trends for 2021 worth considering for your next photo session.

Social Distancing Ideas

Like I said, some things from 2020 are going to have to stick around a little longer. That includes social distancing, which means less up-close and personal contact with the people being photographed and a lot more having to direct from a distance. 

This sounds hard to do, but it's really not. Some of the more successful shoots I had with my clients last year involved social distancing, from weddings to newborns to families. A whole new theme called "Porches and Parks" was also created in light of this new protocol.

I enjoy taking group photos in general, and with social distancing now in place, it's a greater challenge that I am 100% up to the task for. You worry less about close contact with unfamiliar people, and let me handle the tricky direction. After all, being present in the moment is a trend that never goes out of style.

Colours that are Trending

Whether it's fashion or interiors, some things are always changing in terms of trends and that definitely applies to colours used in photography. Some of the more popular shades of colour I've seen recently involved very gentle, very soft hues, set against deep yet calming blues and browns. The neutrals are very light and natural and warm, while darker shades of green and orange are both evocative and saturated, while also being boldly positive. 

2021 is a year where we're taking some time to rejuvenate and restore our energy levels after a year that has seen such tumultuous changes. We can see it outdoors for the most part, where life presses on while offering us a chance to escape from being cooped up inside all of the time. Comfortable and inspiring, these colour trends of 2021 are sure to evoke amazing memories post-photography session.

A Trend that's Here Forever: Natural, Authentic Lighting

I'm a 100% believer in showing your most authentic self when you're being photographed. The good news is that natural lighting is still a very 'in' photography trend! For clients who hate feeling forced into a fancy outfit and posing inside of a studio, going out into natural light outside can feel refreshing and motivating...maybe enough for a few pictures?

Even before this trend came into play, I've been preparing for even more striking outdoor shots. At the end of winter we should be starting on the project of renovating my backyard specifically to accommodate outdoor photography sessions. That way, you won't have to go very far when arriving for your session. When it's done, you can simply take a seat, admire the hard work and effort put into this gorgeous backyard setup, and let me capture your genuine reactions. Hopefully you'll like what you see!

I can't wait to put some of these photography trends for 2021 to good use. Would you be interested as well? If so, contact me today and let's come up with a plan together. I look forward to hearing from you.

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