Why to Get School Photos Taken with the Whole Family

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Why to Get School Photos Taken with the Whole Family | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - Why to Get School Photos Taken with the Whole Family School is definitely looking different for students and their families this year. Homeschooling and online learning programs are being planned and put into place. Meanwhile, some traditions such as the first day of school are being postponed, and other plans for this time of the year are all uncertain.

Just because there may possibly not be first day of school photos this time around, it doesn't mean you should go without them if you don't want to. Why not consider incorporating the back to school moments in a photo session with the whole family instead? Here are some reasons to have this unique kind of a photoshoot take place (plus I'll leave you with a few bonus ideas for sessions!).

Reason 1: Your Kids Want to

School for some kids and teens is a wonderful experience when they can bond with friends in class and maybe even bond with their teachers. They may be feeling disappointed to not have photos taken of their big first day at high school or college this year. School is a pretty big deal for some kids, and I'm certain it's a big deal for you as a parent too. Combining a back to school theme with your family photos this season can provide you and the 'students' with the photo memories you're looking for.

It's worth mentioning that not only will your kids get back to school photos with the whole family, but also individual photos. So this kind of a photo session would be a win-win situation for them!

Reason 2: It Gives You and Your Family Something to Do

Planning for these kinds of family photo sessions can result in some creative opportunities. Not every kid will want to feel up to posing in their school clothes, nor will every kid want to simply stand or sit while their school photos are being taken. I've found that some of the best photos of kids that my clients end up loving are when they are relaxed and engaging with their parents or something else, forgetting for the time being that they're being photographed at all, and simply living in the moment at the time the picture has been captured. 

If you've been feeling especially cooped up or stressed out, getting outside and being present with your kids and family is also a great reason to get a photography session done. As a professional photographer I understand how crazy life can get, and that's why I always take time with my clients to organize their day and reassure them to let me worry about the details, and let you focus on being with your kids.

Reason 3: Last Time Didn't Turn Out So Well

Cancellations or missing the deadline on getting school photos taken aren't the only reasons some families don't have them. Something could have gone wrong during the last time this kind of a photoshoot took place, or maybe the photos didn't turn out the way you or your kids really wanted them to. Maybe your kids were having a bad day during picture day, and that shows in previous photos.

Whatever the reason may have been, maybe this year you'd like to get the school photos you really want. For some kids, that may mean getting the whole family involved or they'd like to get more natural individual photos of them in their element. Why not make this year the chance to right the wrongs that made your session in the previous year end up with less than desirable photos?

Now that we have a few reasons, I'd like to share with you some bonus tips on how to get really good photos for this kind of a session.

Tip 1: Get the Kids Involved

Some of my clients have been the kids themselves, and I've had to step up to the challenge of fulfilling their wants and needs when it comes to professional photography results. By involving the kids (or in this case, the new students), you're really driving home the fact that despite everything that's happening here and now, you're all still here and you're all still eager to learn, grow, and change together.

Tip 2: Add Edutainment, Not Just Education, to Photos

Entertainment + Education = edutainment. It's a mix of both learning and fun, engaging your kids and nurturing their interests all the while. Going back to the first tip about getting your kids involved, how cool and fun would it be to let them take the driver's seat and decide what they want to learn about today? Maybe they're learning things at home that you can all engage in, not just online.

Cooking is one example; who doesn't love food? You can show kids how to make their own healthy snacks or how to make a healthy, filling lunch, and they can taste the results when the lesson is over. Get photo results in the meantime both during and after the lesson (or you ask for help!).

Whatever your kids are passionate to learn about, I'm sure there's a way to incorporate it into your photo session. Again, the best way to make this kind of magic happen is to plan it with a professional photographer.

Tip 3: Get Creative

Just because you may either be homeschooling or attending virtual classes this year doesn't mean your photos have to be boring! Think of this as a way to teach your children about more than their usual subjects. Outdoors there are tons of opportunities to learn about such as nature and the ocean. 

One fun idea (if they want to) is to invite your kid's favourite teacher into the photo session via Zoom, and gather around the computer to reveal your new style of learning. Another idea is to use school supplies as props, or have a photo taken of your homeschooling outline with your 'students' (your kids, of course) and their favourite learning tools. They could read books, they could use drawing easels, they could be using their own chemistry lab, or even wearing aprons while in the kitchen as you teach them how to cook. 

If you'd like to get outdoor family photos for schooling, there's no shortage of ideas for sessions either. A scavenger hunt with natural items and getting your kids to learn about what's outside and in the sea can make for a fun activity the whole family can participate in.

Need a Family Photographer?

Some of these school photo meets family photo ideas are really best captured by a professional photographer. That way, mom and dad can join in with their kids' learning experiences without having to worry about grabbing their phone and getting that perfect shot, only to realize it came out fuzzy or pixelated. There are some moments that are worth capturing when it comes to back to school, so if this merge sounds like a great idea for your family this year, give me a call. Let's plan a session together that can give you the best of both worlds.

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