How to Get Great Photos Taken During a Fall Photoshoot

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How to Get Great Photos Taken During a Fall Photoshoot | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - How to Get Great Photos Taken During a Fall Photoshoot Have you decided to book a photoshoot for autumn? Whether it's for family photos, an elopement, or a new event of any kind, the photos taken during this season always end up looking fantastic. That being said, there's nothing wrong with trying something new or different. 

I love getting creative with my clients, so I thought I'd take some time to suggest to you a few cool options for your session. Here are a few tips on how to get great photos taken during your fall photoshoot.

1. Spice Up the Location Ideas

Pumpkin patches are a classic fall photoshoot idea for a reason. Not only are they resplendent in fall colours, but also you can grab a pumpkin for yourself when the photo session is over. That being said, there are so many other cool fall location ideas you can use instead. Apple orchards, barns, hay stacks, and sunflower fields can hit that sweet autumn note you're looking for in your photos.

2. Include your favourite fall colours

Fall is a season full of rich colours everywhere. Brown, beige, cream, and black are wonderful neutrals to offset more eye-popping colours such as blue, orange, red, dark purple, and dark green. Not only can these apply to your wardrobe, but also to photo locations as well. Bright coloured shirts amidst a browning field of wheat can create a beautifully stark contrast between the subject and the background. You don't have to go overboard dressing up for the fall photoshoot; sometimes a simple wardrobe choice can have a huge and positive impact on the photo results.

3. Use more than just pumpkin and autumn leaf activities

While playing around with fall leaves or pumpkins are go-to fall favourites for families, it's good to get memories of other fall-themed activities as well. Dressing up for Halloween or playing in the rain are a couple of examples. Thanksgiving for us Canadians takes place in October, so maybe there are a few traditions you'd like to get captured on camera (even if that looks like a smaller get-together this year). Don't forget to capture that after-school joy your kids may be feeling, or maybe they're involved in a sport the whole family can enjoy and cheer for?

4. Let nature be the backdrop

Sometimes you need to let the beauty of nature speak for itself. That's easily done this time of the year. Port Coquitlam and everywhere else in the Vancouver BC area has a ton of trees and autumn colours to offer for natural backdrops. Let me capture moments with nature in both the foreground and background, while you stay present with your loved ones while on a rainy trek through the woods (because yes, rain is a part of fall too). 

The cooler weather and clouds can add some natural lighting effects to this breathtaking time of the year as well. Other great natural elements to incorporate can include tree branches, raindrops, and even the wind itself (depending on conditions). 

5. Have fun!

Some of the best fall photos I've had the pleasure of photographing are when everyone involved is having a blast. Being present and enjoying the company of your loved ones and having fun all the while during the fall photoshoot is really the best tip I can give to anyone. If you're feeling especially nervous or typically hate being photographed, this tip is especially worth noting. Forget about the fact you're being photographed for a moment, take a look at what your kids are doing or what's happening in the here and the now in this season, and let your worries go. You're bound to see some beautiful and wonderful photos as a result.

Whether you've already booked a fall photoshoot or you'd like to, I'd love to provide you with some great photos. Give me a call and let's come up with a plan together. 

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