Why It's More than Okay to Have Real Photos from a Session

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Why It's More than Okay to Have Real Photos from a Session | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - Why It's More than Okay to Have Real Photos from a Session Sometimes, reality bites—life can not only be wonderful, it can also be tough for even the best of us. We all have bad days; for every gorgeous afternoon today, the rain may fall tomorrow; meanwhile every kid is in tune with their emotions, the good, the bad, and the really ugly. Sometimes those emotions can be seen and captured on camera during a family photo session—even those ugly ones you're trying to hide. Maybe you even feel a little disappointment to see these more 'oops' moments take place?

I get it. I'm a mom too. And as a professional photographer who's taken photos for families over the past 20 years, I've seen my fair share of 'whoopsies' moments. I'm here to tell you today why it is more than okay to have 'real' photos from your session—in fact, I recommend it.

Real life babies aren't always feeling it

Like I said, children are so in touch with their emotions. Every child reacts differently when it comes to more pleasant things such as Santa, or when their lifestyle has been 'disturbed' by their parents getting the photos taken. Some kids and babies are super photogenic; others are probably not feeling up to the task. Several more are exhausted after a session has taken place for hours on end (especially at weddings or another formal occasion).

Even if your little one isn't feeling up to smiling on camera, or they've had more than their fill of trying to pose picture-perfect and they can't take it anymore, it's always okay to have these 'real' photos and keep in mind how your kids are feeling the next time you want family photos taken. Some moms I've had the pleasure of helping photograph their little ones have praised me for capturing those moments where crying and 'whoopsies' moments have happened!

An authentic style captured forever...your style

Life isn't always a fancy event. Wedding days come and go, as do all sorts of anniversaries. While things like weddings and elopements are also worth capturing in photo form, there's always the rest of your married life afterwards that are worth capturing too. Some sessions have really nailed the casualness of one's life and the strength to carry on even during a year like 2020. One great example from the past year is of this family:

Photos by Cheryl - Why It's More than Okay to Have Real Photos from a Session - example of casual dress for sessionsPhotos by Cheryl - Why It's More than Okay to Have Real Photos from a Session - example of casual dress for sessions

Mom with the laundry, the kids with their games and activities, and dad helping out...all while dressed in their own unique styles. This kind of authenticity is not one you can easily duplicate. There's no shame in dressing this casually for your next session; it goes to show that being present in the moment with your loved ones can make for some excellent real photo results.

Life is messy...even that can be beautiful

Kids can be messy, and there's really nothing we can do but go with the flow in that regard. There are always going to be food crumbs scattered over your child's mouth, sandy feet after a dip at the lake or beach, and lots of icing to clean up after a cake smash. That's just how life is. It's messy…and sometimes, even that can make for beautiful photography. 

Real people in real photos

Some of the best photos I've taken in my career have revealed a beautiful resilience in people. There are moms and dads and families who have stuck together through thick and thin, no matter what curveballs life has thrown at them. There are babies and children and teens who can't wait to see what life has in store for them. Some reactions the kids have had have made for some hilarious and real photos too!

These people have real lives full of joy and stress and laughter and tears. This sense of reality and helping others become fully present in the moment is why I love taking lifestyle photos and being a photographer in the first place. Nothing gives me greater joy than to celebrate these real people, in real photos.

If you love the idea of real photography as much as I do, then why not see what's in store? Call me to set up a photo session, whether you're brand new to my professional photography services or not. I'd be honoured to help you capture real moments in your photographs if that's what you're looking for.

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