Why to Get an Elopement Photo Session

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Why to Get an Elopement Photo Session | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - Why to Get an Elopement Photo Session 2020 has been a remarkable year for some couples...in some cases it’s remarkable in the wrong way, sadly. Thanks to lockdown and quarantine, many couples have been forced to cancel their weddings entirely, or postpone until next year. 

Yet...I’ve seen some resilience taking place amongst some of these couples, specifically in the form of elopements. Some couples I’ve met this year have been so determined to get married and start their life together that they’ve decided to elope instead of throwing a huge wedding, and to be honest it’s a beautiful approach and a great counteract to the negative aspects of this year. 

If you’ve been wondering if an elopement is worth photographing like a wedding, I can tell you right now: it is. It really is. Here’s why.

1. There’s no time like the present

Some couples are so committed to their love for each other that the idea of a big wedding is irrelevant. What really matters is your love and devotion to one another. If you already know you’re going to be together for a long time, then you don’t really need a huge wedding—eloping may be enough. 

Considering all that’s happened this year so far, when it comes to getting married there really is no time like the present. Embracing the now and getting photos as proof may be the best decision you make.

2. You never know what will happen

I don’t think anyone knew how significant of an impact this year would have on everyone; we’re still trying to get by and adapt to current circumstances as everything changes from one day to the next. Some couples know this and are willing to choose now, as opposed to later with a wedding, to elope...because who knows what tomorrow will bring? You really can never tell what will happen next, no matter how much of a fortune teller you try to be.

3. Smaller celebrations can be fun too!

There are some assumptions made about eloping versus having the big wedding. One is that an elopement is neither as fun nor as memorable as a wedding. Another is that couples who elope instead of having a wedding are only incurring bad luck on their futures as husband and wife; they’re rushing things instead of adhering to traditions based on their cultures or upbringing.

All of these assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth. Some couples can’t afford the wedding (because let’s face it, weddings can be expensive!), but they still really want photographs taken. So, they spend their budget only on the actual ceremony and the photographs. The rest of the celebration can be whatever they choose to do next as newlyweds, and to me that presents a whole slew of creative opportunities for photos! And yes, maybe it’s not the wedding day of everyone’s dreams, but it is what the couple wants, and at the end of the day what they want in how they’re getting married is what matters the most. 

4. No fuss, no muss

One benefit of eloping is that it takes less time to get married compared to all of the build-up that takes place on a wedding day. The reality is that some couples may be so excited and eager to get married that they don’t want to wait! With a professional photographer’s organized touch, your elopement photo session can capture every moment without worrying about the extra fuss and muss that typically comes with planning a wedding. Less people involved also means a more straightforward plan of action during the elopement, both pre- and post-ceremony.

5. Keeping things safe, even after 2020

One thing that’s for certain is that social distancing is going to stick around even after 2020 has turned into 2021. Some husbands and wives get sick very easily compared to their spouses, so they need all of the protection from harm they can get. 

Should you decide I’m the right professional photographer to capture your elopement on camera, I will keep all social distancing guidelines in mind and let my lens do the work from a safe distance. Because at the end of the day, keeping everyone safe, even when 2020 is over, is part of my job.

If you’ve decided to elope this year or next, you like what you’ve seen in terms of wedding photography, and you want me to take your elopement photos, give me a shout and let’s go over your big day together. I’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

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