My Favourite Spots for Cherry Tree Family Photo Sessions in Vancouver

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My Favourite Spots for Cherry Tree Family Photo Sessions in Vancouver | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - My Favourite Spots for Cherry Tree Family Photo Sessions in Vancouver Cherry trees are my favourite thing to photograph in this season! The colour of a cherry tree’s blossoms are so vibrant when they are at their peak blooming stage, and they make for some amazing photography opportunities!

This year’s cherry blossom season in Vancouver BC is predicted to be between April 6-26. Because it is such a short season, I tend to get bookings very early! It’s better to plan for it now, than it is to wait until later.

We have many varieties of cherry blossoms, but the two most common are the Akebono and Kanzan. Both boast light pink to darker pink blossoms. These make for fantastic backdrops for photos, especially when the sun comes out and shines in just the right way.

This is one of many reasons why I love doing outdoor photo sessions for families and couples this time of the year. If you’ve signed up for a session, here are a few places that I will be considering for cherry tree photos.

1. David Lam Park, Vancouver

If you enjoy the idea of cherry trees with Vancouver’s skyline in the background, this is the best spot to capture such pictures. It’s a very grassy area amidst all of the hustling and bustling of downtown Vancouver. There’s lots of room for the kids to run and play and enjoy the warm spring weather while cherry tree petals bloom brilliantly from behind.

2. Burrard Skytrain Station, Vancouver

What makes this location unique is the fact it’s an underground station. However, when you emerge from said station during this particular season, you’re bound to see some amazing cherry tree sights you can’t help but get a picture of. Pause from the business for a moment and enjoy the natural sights (maybe I can get a good shot of you doing so too!).

3. Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver

This is one of the most popular spots for good reason. Did you know it used to be a rock quarry? Since its initial creation it’s been transformed into a floral dream come true. There are flower gardens galore, with cherry blossoms forming amidst the other splendid trees the park has to offer. The park is also a major spot for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, which makes for a fun activity for the whole family.

4. Granville Plaza (200 Granville Street), Vancouver

This address consists of several park benches and trees within the financial district. The square itself provides that much-needed breath of fresh air amidst the urban setting. The waterfront is close by for even more photo opportunities during your session.  

5.  Andy Livingstone Park (Expo Boulevard), Vancouver

Not only is this park full of recreational things to do, but also it includes an off-leash park for dogs. Your pooch can join in with photos if you want (let me know beforehand though!). Families can play at the playground and have fun experimenting with different posing ideas while playing.

6. Garry Point Park, Steveston

For those who want some of BC’s beautiful beaches in their cherry tree sessions, Garry Point is a fantastic waterfront location. It’s located on the southwest corner of Richmond, very close to the historic Steveston Village. Its Japanese garden is a must for such opportunities to see the cherry trees at their most glorious.

7. Lafarge Lake, Coquitlam

I take a lot of photographs for my clients in this location for a lot of reasons: 1) it’s very close to my studio and 2) I just love it. There is so much room for opportunity in photography here, in all the seasons of the year. The lake is beautiful 24/7, but when the cherry trees are in full bloom, it’s so perfect that I can’t not take photos.

8. City in the Park (Station Hill Drive), Burnaby

Cherry trees, a fountain, and comfortable seating all contribute to the spectacular photo ops you can expect from the City in the Park. Flowers galore. What’s not to love about it this time of the year?

9. Central Park (near the Pitch n’ Putt), Burnaby

This particular spot near the Pitch n’ Putt mini golf course is host to several gorgeous cherry trees. Feel free to explore the rest of the park during your session as there are tons of things for families to do (other than admire the trees, of course). This is the spring season; embrace the warm weather, and let your heart be as light as the breeze itself.

Would you like to celebrate the cherry blossom season with your family? Want to get photos taken of your day? Contact me if you’d like to see my rates. Monthly packages are a great choice also if you want to get all four seasons in Vancouver BC taken with your family this year!

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