7 Ideas of How to Pose with Flowers

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7 Ideas of How to Pose with Flowers | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - 7 Ideas of How to Pose with Flowers

Deciding to be bold and different with your spring photoshoot? How about flowers? Many think a picture with flowers must consist of the generic, bouquet-holding pose only. Why not dare to be different instead? Try one of these seven ideas for your next session.

1. Cover One Eye with One Flower

Be careful not to poke your eye and cut the stem off. It may seem a bit silly at first, but with some practice in the mirror and the right size of flower, you will end up with some great photos.

2. Flower Buds in Your Hair While You Lay on the Ground

It is impossible to place them yourself so have your photographer or a friend place them for you. Finding the perfect location such as an empty field will help with the contrast. Smaller flowers will work best for this pose. Make sure you pick a colour that will go well with your hair colour. 

3. Place Flowers on Your Shoulders

This is a simple pose with beautiful results. It can highlight a beautiful bouquet or just flowers as well as your outfit for this photo idea. Play around with how you hold the flowers on your shoulders; it will help you find out which side works best, the left or the right, and how best you should stand while holding them. 

4. Bring them Close to the Camera

This idea works best with a bouquet. It’s a great pose for formal occasions such as prom or for a wedding. You can have the flowers be the focus and you blurred in the background, or vice versa. 

5. Take a Sniff

You know the term “stop and smell the roses”? Well, why not make it a pose? You can play around with a single flower or bouquet. This pose works for many types of photos from formal to casual.

6. Place Behind Your Ear

An easy pose is to place a flower behind your ear, with or without the stem. This is a great pose for a beach scene, especially somewhere tropical, but you can play around with it anywhere you like. 

7. Plunking Yourself Down in a Field of Flowers

One of the easiest poses of all! A great option during spring photos, or when the time is drawing near for special events such as grad. Set yourself down and breathe in the smell of fresh flowers in bloom.

The key takeaway from these tips is, have fun while playing around with these ideas and feel free to come up with some of your own! Don’t forget about colour, what flowers are in season, what will enhance your outfit and your surroundings. Also be sure there are no flower allergy reactions; it would be a shame if the shot featured a big sneeze!

Flowers are awesome any time of year, but spring is definitely the most popular. If you’d like to start adding flowers to your poses and get some beautiful photography results, contact me!

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