Valentine’s Day Photo Ideas that Don’t Have to Include Romance

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Valentine’s Day Photo Ideas that Don’t Have to Include Romance | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - Valentine’s Day Photo Ideas that Don’t Have to Include Romance February is the month of love! However you feel about Valentine’s Day, there’s no denying that it has an effect on everyone. Some love the holiday; others really hate it; several more don’t care one way or the other. 

I have something to tell you about this holiday: you can celebrate it even if you don’t have anything romantic to do. Valentine’s Day to me is a celebration of love—not just the romantic kind, either. Let me share with you some lovely Valentine’s Day photo ideas that don’t have to include romance.


The family who gets photos taken together usually stick together! Even if one or more members move out and away from home, or they follow their own path, there’s always a reason to get family photos taken. Getting Valentine’s Day photos can make an afternoon between parents and their kids or a mom and her mom together a sweet one. 

Kids and newborns

Nothing says pure love as much as parents when they look at their child. No matter how old they get, having photos taken with your kids or your brand new bundle of joy can make for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day picture—or two, or three, or more! 

Even if the little one bursts into tears while the photoshoot is taking place, you have ended up with a very real photo—sometimes those photos are the best kind to have!

Your besties!

Friendship is a very powerful and very strong form of love. Some people are friends for over 20 years! Not just the married kind of best friend, either. Wouldn’t it be something to celebrate your bestie for once on Valentine’s Day? Come up with a game plan and spend the day together—you never know what opportunities await in photo form!


Talk about a great Valentine’s Day gift and reason to get photos taken rolled in one! Grandparents and grandkids are sure to have fun spending time together while photos are snapped in the background. Photos can also make wonderful Valentine’s cards themselves! Some grandparents love to make these cards while others may be happy to receive them in their mailbox. Maybe this Valentine’s Day is a good time to get together with Grandma and Grandpa (especially if the last time you saw them was around Christmas!).


I don’t mean simply romantic anniversaries between husband and wife (although if that’s what you love doing this time of the year, go nuts!). Some anniversaries such as when you became besties for life or the day you adopted a new pet can fall on this holiday too. If it’s been a while since those kinds of photos were updated, snap away—you may discover some shocking changes have happened since last you spent time together! 


Some people were born on Valentine’s Day itself! And not everyone has the same personality or love of red and white heart decorations. Celebrate your birthday on Valentine’s Day your way—who knows, there may end up being some pretty fun memories captured on camera the day of!

Want to celebrate Valentine’s Day without the romance? Do you need some new photos of your family or best friends, or both? Call me if you think I’d be the best professional photographer for the job. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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