Positive Things 2020 Has Brought in Terms of Professional Photography

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Positive Things 2020 Has Brought in Terms of Professional Photography | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - Positive Things 2020 Has Brought in Terms of Professional Photography

Another year is almost gone...and wow, 2020 was quite something. I don't even think I need to tell you what happened; we all know exactly why we're in the position we're in today, and the world is still reeling from everything that's occurred and is still occurring. 

It sounds hard to believe, but there was a silver lining to this year...at least, to some, myself included. Yes, this year was an exceptional challenge, and yes, I won't sugarcoat it: it was incredibly stressful, uncertain, and dare I say it, even scary. But for all of the awfulness that took place, regarding the professional photography I have been a part of this year, there has been so much good to celebrate regardless of this past year's circumstances.

I'd like to take some time to share those good things with you. If you had a bad year, I'm so sorry...maybe these moments will add a nice ray of sunlight to your day, even if it seems small compared to the darkness your year was full of. Here are some of the most positive things 2020 brought in regards to professional photography.

New and creative ideas for photographs (porch sessions)

I can safely say that people in general have a knack for adapting when it comes to dealing with challenges. I myself have had to come up with some unique ways to capture the essence of people's resilience and flexibility when it comes to life's curve balls thrown our way. One of the most successful examples was the Family Porch Sessions that took place in the spring of 2020. Social distancing took place with each family photo session and it allowed parents and kids to really appreciate living in the moment. You can see that sense of appreciation in the gallery of photos I share on my website.

Porch sessions are not the only creative endeavour from this past year. Regardless of the newest guidelines being introduced in our country, life found a way to continue ever onward in the form of new babies being born and wedding vows brought into the open. Because of this, each new session was approached with the family's safety and health in mind, while leaving plenty of room for the following positive from this year:

Extra candid moments caught on camera

Do you know how many smiles are made unconsciously? I've caught sight of some of these while you're gazing at your spouse or your kids. Spontaneous bursts of laughter and joy were also captured on camera this year. 

One reason I love my job so much is that by being your professional photographer, it removes some of the burden on yourself to try and catch those special moments between you and your family members alone. As a result, there have been some especially candid moments I managed to capture, and so far my clients have been very happy with the results. I can't wait to do the same next year.

More intimate and personal sessions

As much as I love to photograph large groups of people, 2020 really said "No thanks" to that idea. The silver lining to that at least is that families can still get together (provided they all coexist in the same household). And what this new lack of get-togethers has created as a result are much more intimate and personal moments shared with the families I've photographed this year. 

All sessions done have consisted of me keeping my distance and taking pictures from afar; meanwhile the families have been doing their thing and we're all staying safe all the while. The lack of people has actually enhanced their sessions as well; no having to struggle to find a great picnic spot outside, no photobombs (people doing weird or funny things off in the background while you're having a nice moment with your grandfather, for example), and definitely no funny business.

Celebrating events regardless of the bad times

2020 was a big year for me personally because it marked the 20th anniversary of Photos by Cheryl. That's right, I've been in the photography business for 20 years now (look at all of the 20s going around!). And I have no plans of stopping here.

Business anniversaries are not the only event that took place. Regardless of how many sad and unfortunate news was shoved into our faces (we have social media to 'thank' for that), some families have found ways to keep celebrating special occasions without putting everyone else's health at risk. A few couples I've had the pleasure of photographing made their wedding happen despite being unable to travel to their dream destination for it. 

Whether it was the grand opening of a personally owned company or a pregnancy being announced, some life events went on regardless and they were all worth taking the time to celebrate...they had to be done so in a different way. Speaking of such, that brings me to the last positive that comes to mind.

Creating a whole new normal that’s actually for the best

Yes, I mean it. You know, there's a saying I've heard many times before: "Normal is a setting on the washing machine". It really is. There is no 'normal' to readjust our lives to; rather, we're introducing ourselves to new traditions and ways of getting creative. Even with the hardships and uncertainties we are continually faced with, one thing I'm certain about is we're all coming out stronger on the other side for it. This year has led to some incredible collaborations with local businesses in the Port Coquitlam area...I'd love to keep that sense of support and community going.

Let's make some new positive things happen for 2021 together. Contact me if you'd like to get started right away in creating new memories for you and your loved ones!

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