The Top 5 Reasons to Get Headshot Photos Taken in January

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The Top 5 Reasons to Get Headshot Photos Taken in January | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - The Top 5 Reasons to Get Headshot Photos Taken in January

January is usually considered to be a pretty quiet and even gloomy month. The holiday decorations are taken down and put away, the weather turns bleak and blustery, snow keeps falling when we have to go to work—the list goes on.

However, in my eyes this month is a fabulous one! It’s a month where new beginnings and new opportunities await; in today’s case, I’m referring to business owners, entrepreneurs, and employees who may also be feeling in need of some light and colour this month. One way you can get that is by getting professional headshots! If you’re still hesitant about the thought, let me reassure you. Here are five excellent reasons to get new headshot photos taken in January.

1. New year, new you, new company

January is the month of renewal; after all, it is the official start of the New Year. This month can represent reflection on how far you have come in terms of your business, its brand, and yourself and/or your staff. If you plan to rejuvenate your brand, or you plan to open a brand new business this year, this is the perfect time to show your company’s best and new side and how much you’re willing to stay in touch with the times. 

2. It’s been a while since headshots were taken

The business you run now is not the same one it was 10 or even 5 years ago. 2020 is not only a new year, it means there’s a new you and a new company altogether. Why not showcase yourself and your employees and what you have to offer to the rest of the world with updated headshots? The fashion style in your old headshots may also be in serious need of an update as well!

3. You’re updating your social media and website

Headshots aren’t just handy for job hunters and budding entrepreneurs. Business owners nowadays understand the significance of staying relevant online. If you’re getting new headshots, you can add the new photos to your website and promote them on social media. Since January is a quieter month, your customers are more likely to be in tune to new updates on social media more so than in the previous month. That means there could be a lot of likes and shares in your future, and a lot more visits to your website’s about page! 

Updating these aspects of your company will also make Google and other search engines happy since they pay attention to things like content updates and new photos. The more up to date you keep your website, the more likely you’ll rank higher in search engine page results. That means everyone wins when you update your headshots, especially you!

4. It’s a quiet time before the year gets going

We often associate the rest of the year with very busy occasions—there are holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, and several other events to look forward to. However, for the present time being, you may find there’s not too much going on for your business other than preparing for the months onwards. This means you can fill in your time with getting new professional headshots before the crazy rushing months follow afterward and you don’t have any spare time anymore. Having these photo sessions take place can also give you and your staff something to look forward to as well if things are a little too quiet.

5. The photos could be part of your marketing campaign

If you’re stumped on ideas for promoting your company, this is an excellent time to work on that. Going back to my first point about the new year = new you, you can use that as a marketing strategy in and of itself. Use your new headshot photos to showcase your staff on social media and announce them in an e-mail newsletter. You can also promote them as an update on your website and create content based on that update as well, adding a call to action to convince customers to check out the new site themselves. These are all great ways to get your company name known online and introduce yourself to new long as you get new headshot photos taken in the first place, of course!

There’s no better time to get professional headshots than now! What are you waiting for? Give me a call to see if my photography skills are exactly what you need! I can capture your best side during this quiet (and busy!) stage of your life!

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