Benefits of Monthly Installments for Photo Sessions

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Benefits of Monthly Installments for Photo Sessions | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - Benefits of Monthly Installments for Photo Sessions You may have noticed by now that I have introduced a brand new set of rates for professional photography on my website, called Monthly Payments Packages. You can check them out here.

You may also be wondering, “What do you mean, monthly installments?” Well, monthly installments are for specific package deals on photo sessions. Instead of paying the total sum upfront, you instead break up that payment into monthly ones at a lower cost.

These are worth your while for a lot of good reasons! Today I’m going to outline the many benefits you and your family will receive when you sign up for this type of package.

1. You get more, while paying less    

99% of the time someone wants to get family photos taken, they may not have the budget to pay for everything in one go. This is unfortunately how most payments are done in Canada, such as for TVs, computers, and so on. However, many of my clients have been families who really want to treasure the memories they have of the children as they grow up. Families have a lot of bills to pay and their budgets are strained. It’s very likely everyone wants family photos for sure, but paying over $1,000 all at once is going to be detrimental and damaging to their wallets and even their lives.

My monthly installments ensure that you get a lot more photos, while also paying less. For example, rather than paying for a year-long photo session consisting of $1,824 right away, you will instead be paying $152 over the course of 12 months, which is much, much more affordable for anyone and their family. The number of photos you’ll get and the precious memories you’ll be able to build per session will also be exceptionally greater.

2. More time spent with your family   

A year can go by fast! To some, it can pass in what feels like the blink of an eye. Kids grow up, and the time spent with them in their childhood is a precious thing. I’m a mom myself, so I know how it is when life gets so busy that it feels like it’s flying right past you.

A single photo session with your family, while it’s lovely, doesn’t really show you that sense of just how many memories were built in the past year. Monthly installments can really bring to light just what went on, and the photos being taken will mean you spend a lot of extra time with your family rather than not—meaning you can live your life comfortably knowing you’ll have proof that those memories were created!

3. Kids change

And they change daily! The things kids go through at their age feels a great deal more than what we’ve become accustomed to as adults. For example, we pass by trees day in and out when we’re going to work. But when you’re a kid, you really pay attention to the little things, like whether the tree has flowers blooming on its branches, or how it sways its leafy shadows in the wind, or how cool the breeze feels on your cheek. In some cases, the kids may debate whether this is a tree worth climbing too!

I doubt you want to turn around for what feels like a second when they’re a toddler and then when you look back realize they’ve aged into a 9-year-old. You can capture the past year in action when you sign up for monthly installments of photographs, as opposed to paying for one session and then that’s it.

4. You may not have time to do it yourself

Sure, we all have smartphones nowadays and as far as features go they’re being developed as more and more impressive. However, there are still times when a photo from a smartphone just doesn’t quite cut it in terms of photography, whether it's your children or maybe you finally scheduled a date night with your hubby. You want to be in the moment with those you love, but with a smartphone you either have to be out of the picture entirely or you risk other people taking the photo for you—and chances are they’re really bad at taking pictures!

Monthly installments are made because I’m a professional who wants to offer you photography that will last for years to come, even if in that moment you don’t think it means much. That last picture you took of your dad or mom may be their last (which I know sounds very grim, but it’s true). 

How do you want to be remembered? How do you want to remember those you loved and have lost? Would you like to reflect on this year? If your answer to any one of these questions is yes, then signing up for monthly installments may be exactly what you need to do, for your sake as well as your family’s.

Contact me if you have any questions about my packages. Alternatively, we can talk and see if I’d be the best fit for capturing your year in photographs. Let’s talk.

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