The Latest Wedding Trends Every Engaged Couple Needs to Know

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The Latest Wedding Trends Every Engaged Couple Needs to Know | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - The Latest Wedding Trends Every Engaged Couple Needs to Know

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to photograph some incredible weddings. In my time as a professional photographer, I’ve noticed some very interesting trends in development or in full swing for weddings. Some of these trends I’ve witnessed while taking photos of blissful newlyweds I’ve met in the past 20 years. Other trends I think are slowly but surely making their mark in people’s lives, usually for the better. 

If you’re getting married soon or are planning your wedding, it helps to know what the latest trends are. After all, if you’re getting professional wedding photos then you want those captured memories to be beautiful ones! So to help you out, here are some of the latest wedding trends that I think every engaged couple should know about. 

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Trend #1: Less People = A Much More Memorable Wedding

Let me drop a truth bomb: weddings are expensive! The bride and groom have so much to consider and decide upon and pay for, more so than some couples may even realize. Plus, the bigger your list of people attending is, the more things you’ll have to worry about. How big is the cake going to have to be? How big of a venue will you need if the guest list is huge? What should you do if your family or your beloved’s family is massive? Will you have enough seating and food to offer everyone? 

Everything about weddings adds up in terms of costs. There’s not only the cake and the bride’s wedding dress to pay for. Food, drinks, and cocktails can add to the cost of the wedding. Decorations are another cost and depending on the theme of the wedding (urban, rustic, vintage, or modern) will determine if they need to be DIY or if you need to hire a decorator. And yes, wedding photography can also be an expense (not too too much of one though! View my wedding packages to see why). 

Also… when was the last time you spoke with every single guest on your list? Do you really need to have your third cousin twice removed just because they did a favour for you? Wouldn’t you rather have the people you and your betrothed love so, so much in your life to be in the wedding photos with you? 

This all boils down to trend #1: the less people at your wedding, the better your big day will be. More and more couples are opting in to invite less people to their big day, not only for their budget’s sake but also because life is far too short to spend such a memorable event with people you barely know. 

Less people at a wedding means a more intimate ceremony, a much more fun reception, and way more memorable wedding photos at the end of the day.

Trend #2: BC Destination Weddings

I’ve been to a lot of BC-specific venues in the past year and a bit for photographing weddings! These places in particular have become exceptionally popular not just this year but in the last several. 

  • Ucluelet.
  • Wickaninnish Inn, Tofino.
  • Tigh Na Mara, Parksville.
  • Penticton.
  • Okanagan wineries.
  • Galiano Island.
  • UBC.
  • Whiterock.
  • Whistler.

It’s for a ton of great reasons too. For one, BC’s landscapes are diverse and unique. You have mountains and beaches, rocky shores and green spreads of plains, rural and urban settings all rolled into one area...the list goes on. Every season is full of colour and vibrancy. Many of my clients have created so many wonderful memories in BC before they officially tied the knot, or they have created new ones at these destinations. However you look at them, these BC-specific destinations are not only trendy, they are here for life.

Trend #3:  A Bigger Budget for Epic Photos

I’ve seen lots more couples in the past year and a bit save up for more epic photos and have that be the center of their budget entirely, and they loved the end result! I think this is because they’ve realized something very important. 

A wedding is all about declaring your love for one another, and having that love be shared and treasured and reflected upon years after the day took place. To do that, there needs to be a lot more involvement with the photos being taken. Like I said, following this trend has proven to be worth their while.

Trend #4: Not Every Wedding Needs to Take Place at a Golf Course

Trend #4 is all about personalization. From the flowers to the wedding cake to the decor to the locations for photos, the more personalization that is applied to the wedding, the more fantastic the day will be. There’s no one ‘type’ of bride or groom; why, then, should you force yourself to fit a certain ‘type’ of engaged couple?  

Your wedding does not have to take place in a super fancy golf course or hotel or even a huge castle. While these can be the dream wedding locations for some brides, some opinions do not speak for all—least of all yours! 

Trend #5: Smaller Weddings = Creative Weddings

Going back to the guest list, a smaller wedding can mean investing in other elements that can add up to a really creative wedding in the process. A lot of the trends below are based off of what’s very popular this year in terms of how a wedding looks in the final photography result, ranging from the decorations to the overall look and feel of the event:

  • Minimalist and contemporary themes. Think simple but elegant, streamlined and modern.
  • A return to the classics. For all of the latest minimalism and contemporary decor choices going on, lots of couples are also opting to stick with the classic, elegant choices such as lacy wedding dresses, gold and silver and white decor, and black tuxes for the gentlemen.
  • Lots and lots more colours! This year it’s okay to break tradition and not have a full-on white wedding. Some of the most popular ones this year consist of ivory, blush, and golden hues.
  • Lots of really creative themes. Instead of a colour palette, settings and decor inspired by the couple’s favourite book or movie may be a factor.
  • Monograms. Ranging from on the wedding cake, to on the drinking glasses for guests, to handwritten notes.
  • Couples are choosing to have a bigger budget for wedding photography. This is one thing a lot of couples are saving up for in terms of adding a wow factor even if the wedding is a small one.
  • Mixed colours and custom suits for the groom and his best friends. Because it’s not just the bride’s special day, it’s the groom’s too. 

All of these trends have resulted in some amazing wedding photos even if the occasion is a small one! Having a smaller wedding can also lend a hand to getting creative when it comes to setting up large group photos, or maybe you want to add that personalized touch without having to break your bank account and were inspired by the above list. Either way, there are lots of ways to get creative about your wedding and the photos you’d like to have taken, so don’t feel too bad if your wedding’s budget is not as huge as you dreamed. Sometimes a smaller wedding has ended up being the most memorable day for everyone involved. 

So, now you know about the latest wedding trends. Do you think I would be a good fit for your engagement and wedding? Contact me and let’s find out together! We can rehash what’s popular or what’s on the horizon in terms of weddings and how I could best capture this incredible stage of your life.

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