Summer Photography Tips & Ideas for Your Next Session

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Summer Photography Tips & Ideas for Your Next Session | Photos by CherylSummer Photography Tips & Ideas for Your Next Session - Photos by Cheryl

Summer is a great time of year to make memories with photographs, capturing kids playing, vacation photos, scenery, and so much more. Learn some tips and tricks for your next summer photoshoot session.

Teaching Tips

When it comes to photographing people on a sunny day, it’s best to use the flash to fill in the shadows. Contrary to popular belief, flash isn’t just for the dark. This is true especially for sunsets. 

Photographs are all about perspective; get on a different level. When getting pictures of things such as flowers, being on the ground and looking up with the sky in the shot can really add some unique perspective.

The golden hour (i.e. the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset, when daylight is redder and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky) is great for lighting, especially when trying to capture the silhouette of a person or object.

Here’s a suggestion called the hula hoop method. Find a spot and pretend you have a hula hoop, drop it on the ground, and don’t leave that circle. Spend at least 15 minutes at that spot. Look for interesting things in depth, take your time, and capture the details.

If the weather is dreary, find a location with lots of texture. Perhaps go to a beach on a grey day where there isn’t a lot of colour? Then, find something fun and colourful to put in the photo, for example, colourful flip-flops, a sand pail, a colourful wineglass, or a beach chair.

If you are somewhere you have been before, pretend you haven’t. Fresh eyes = a fresh perspective. If it’s a popular tourist spot, try to find something different to focus on.

Do you find the shot interesting? If you are passionate about what’s being photographed, it makes the photo that much more professional and high-quality.

Ideas for Great Summer Photos During the Session

If you want to get a shot of children playing, you don’t have to pose them; get on their level! Bubbles are a great background.

Take a day trip without an agenda. Perhaps there is a waterfall you have passed many times but never stopped at, or railroad tracks lined by wildflowers. Go with the intention that you are going to stop in the most random places.

Make sure that you get some of the background in the shot and be creative, especially while travelling. Don’t come home with a ton of photos where people have no idea where you have been. Or better yet, have someone else suggest locations to you (there are some fantastic ideas in this post if you’re interested!).

Places with water can make for great shots, especially splashing water, like fountains and waterparks.

Maybe the day you go on your photoshoot might be a stormy day; that doesn’t mean you can’t capture a storm on the water. Head down to the ocean. You might be surprised.

If you are the one who always takes the photos, be sure to get yourself in some of those photos. It’s about the memory, not how we look.

Hopefully these tips and ideas help your summer photos really shine! If you’re struggling to get yourself in the photos or you want to capture some summertime memories that will last a lifetime, let me help. Contact me if you think I’d be a good fit for your next photoshoot.

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