Why Vancouver BC is Perfect for Outdoor Photo Sessions

April 26, 2019  •  2 Comments

It should come as no surprise to you that the majority of my photo session clients past and present mainly reside in Vancouver BC. After all, it says so on my website! It should come as no surprise to you that I also love having this city and pretty much the whole of BC as the backdrop to my outdoor photo sessions with clients.

Why do I love it so much? Well, let me count the ways! Here are some excellent reasons why Vancouver BC really is the perfect location for outdoor photo sessions.

It’s beautiful!

Let me get the obvious out of the way: have you seen this place? Everywhere you look, it’s beautiful! Even if you only know about this city through bad news (the real estate market is a hot topic especially), there are so many more good, beautiful, and wonderful things to see regardless.

Before you scoff at me for saying that, I want you to do something next time you go outside (if you live here): take a minute to stop and smell the nearest flowers—and then look up, pause, breathe in, and let your eyes drink in the sights around you. Leave your phone in your pocket as you do so.

Have you seen the way light dances on the street? Do you see those cherry trees just about to bloom? Does the sun not look spectacular in between all of those skyscrapers?

If you take a minute…just one minute…to look around you in Vancouver, that is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of its beauty. It really is all around you, here—sometimes it just helps to take a minute out of your day to reflect and remember that.

It’s picture-perfect—every season, every year

Rain, snow, sun—it doesn’t matter how cloudy the sky may be or how clear it is, Vancouver is practically picture-perfect every season of every year.

Springtime allows you and me to see some gorgeous cherry trees in near or full bloom. In summer you can see all of the many shades of green on the trees and every sparkle of light on the water, whether you’re on one of the BC Ferries heading home or you’re walking your dog in the park. Fall is resplendent with a rainbow of warm, cozy, and striking colours in the trees and people’s clothes and even food, especially when you’re outdoors. Finally, winter means freshly brushed snow on the mountains that surround us each and every day in this area, and when the sun comes out it shines over a crisp and clear winter wonderland.

However you look at it, there are all kinds of outdoor photo opportunities galore in Vancouver, whatever season it may be.

Natural light

One thing many people don’t deny about this city is that natural light is all around us. Even on the gloomiest and cloudiest days of the year in this area, a little light can peek in and add a spot of brightness to photos. Some of the coolest lighting effects we often see in photographs and when we’re going about our day are natural in the first place!

Sometimes there are days when the sun hits the world at just the right angle, while the rest of the background may be darker. Other times, the hours when twilight is present or the hour when it’s just after or right before sunset is simply the best for outdoor photos (us professional photographers call this the ‘golden hour’). Whatever time of day it may be, or however cloudy it may appear, you’re guaranteed a fantastic photo session outside in Vancouver any time.

Beaches, beaches everywhere

I love going to the beach—who doesn’t? The ocean is one of the most majestic and splendid natural backdrops for outdoor photographs, and it presents all kinds of fun opportunities if you’re going there with your family! You can grab a picnic basket for lunch and beach toys for the kids and then make a fun day out of your photo session—some of the best moments I’ve been able to capture in my career have been on the beach too! And Vancouver is full of them, from Ambleside Beach to Jericho Beach. It doesn’t cost you a thing to be at the beach, either—all you have to do is show up, and let the good times at the beach roll in like the tide.

Urban or natural? You can have both!

Vancouver is full of not only natural wonders but also urban delights. If you’re a city person at heart, you can still do outdoor activities such as biking. And if you’re a country person at heart, you can still go out into more rural cities and areas such as Surrey and get back that sense of nostalgia without having to stray too far from your apartment in the city. And when it comes to outdoor photo sessions, Vancouver offers both urban and natural backdrops, from Stanley Park, Campbell Valley Park, and False Creek to Fort Langley, Gastown, and the Pitt Meadow Dikes. Not only can you pick having either urban or natural backgrounds, but also you can have both kinds! This accessibility is what makes Vancouver BC such a great location to take photos in.

Memories of BC

I’ve grown up in BC my entire life. All of my most precious memories—the wonderful, the terrible, and the bittersweet—are here in this area. If you’ve lived here your entire life too, then you already know you wouldn’t choose anywhere else for an outdoor photo session.

Vancouver BC is filled to the brim with memories for so many of my clients, from Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, to Rocky Point, to Westminster Quay. I love hearing all of the stories they have to share. I’d love to hear yours, too!

Whether it’s for a big event such as a wedding or as small as a moment spent with your children, you really can never go wrong with choosing Vancouver BC for your outdoor photo session.

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I never would've pegged Vancouver to be this great a place as far as photography sessions are concerned before I moved here, but I love this thing about it. Vancouver is wonderful as far as photography sessions are concerned!
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