Benefits of Hiring a Professional Photographer in Vancouver BC

April 26, 2019  •  1 Comment

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Photographer in Vancouver BC | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - Benefits of Hiring a Professional Photographer in Vancouver BC

There are some moments that come and go and we’ve long since forgotten about them. But, there are also those really, really special moments where you may say, “I want to remember this for the rest of my life.” Photographs are an incredible means of capturing such moments, and sometimes, those moments need a professional’s touch.

Ever wonder why else people hire a professional photographer? As it turns out, hiring one has a ton of perks! Here are some great reasons you should seriously considering hiring a professional photographer.

You get great photos—not just good or okay ones

Thanks to technology, nowadays it’s super easy to pick up your phone and use it as the camera. For some, it’s convenient and easy to take photos yourself—especially when there’s such a cute or funny moment going on.

However, there’s something about using a phone that just doesn’t quite cut it for taking great photos—yes, I said great, I am not just talking about taking good photos or okay ones. Maybe you have a knack for photography already, but for many, when they are in the heat of that moment, and they use their phone to take a photo, only to fumble with it in the excitement or you find the settings or a filter is switched on--and then, poof. That great photo opportunity and the wonderful moment you were trying to capture is gone. It’s really gone, and you can’t ever get it back, no matter how advanced your phone is or how many features it has. Plus, you forgot to get a picture of someone else who matters in that moment: you.

Technology can’t ever replace what’s happening in the here and the now. But, with the eye of a professional photographer behind the camera, it can at least help you get certain moments back—maybe even build new ones you never thought were possible.

Professional shots taken at just the right time

I’m sure that whenever you have a big day or event planned out, there’s little time for you left to consider getting photographs taken—on top of those, you need to make sure everyone is comfortable, happy, and safe. Doing that requires a lot of time and energy on your part though. You may need to do things as simple as greeting people at the door or something more involving such as making sure everything ordered for a wedding is in its place.

Hiring a professional photographer in these cases is pretty mandatory, as opposed to optional! The best one you hire should make you feel relieved that something as significant as photos are being taken at just the right time, all while thinking on their feet and contributing to the event in their own way. Some of the best shots us photographers can capture really occur in the spur of the moment too! Let your professional look after that part, while you take care of what needs to be done.

Organization matters—a lot

It really does! Especially when a giant photo such as for families or weddings are needed. It is amazing how hard it is to get everyone in the right place and to look in the right direction.

Adults like parents and grandparents, wedding guests, etc. may not know at first where to stand and look or how to pose. Kids…especially the littlest ones…well, they can get pretty bored if they have nothing to do, or they may not know what’s going on. As a result, they may get upset, or fidget, or want nothing to do with the photo session that’s about to take place.

It’s with all of these chaotic elements and more where a professional photographer’s skills can really shine! A professional will always be organized when it comes to getting ready for and during a large photo session. In my case, I can be really creative and I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to help even the grumpiest of people shine in the photo—even at weddings! I help plan timelines, make sure things are going according to plan, and keep everyone on schedule to the best of my ability. And this is absolutely something you want to have when you hire a professional photographer—anything can happen, for better or worse. So long as things are organized, it's all good.

It’s a big day for you—why not look at the bigger picture?

Maybe you’re getting married very soon, or you want to celebrate your father’s milestone birthday. Or, maybe you want to look back at how much you and your kids have grown together. Or, maybe you’re very proud of the event you’ve helped make into a reality.

When we live from moment to moment, it’s all too easy for us to forget how far we’ve come since this very present moment in time, at least up until the event is over and done with. Professionally taken photos of a particular day, moment, or event can help you remember the very best that moment, day, or event had to offer. Best of all, these moments can be shared with the ones you care about the most.

You really can’t go wrong with hiring a professional photographer in certain cases. Go for it!

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Thanks for explaining why it could be good to get a professional photographer. I'm glad that you mentioned that the professional should know when the right moment is to take a shot while thinking on their feet. This seems really important especially if these spontaneous ideas could lead to some great photos.
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