Holiday Events You Should Get Professional Photos Taken Of

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Holiday Events You Should Get Professional Photos Taken Of | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - Holiday Events You Should Get Professional Photos Taken Of

No matter what event you are celebrating, some holiday events are worth capturing professional photos of. They make great gifts, as there are many things you can do with photos nowadays. You can also have them printed out in copies and placed in an album, which is another great gift idea too!

If you’re stumped on which holiday events are worth capturing, perhaps I can help. Here’s a list of some great holiday events and ideas that are worth getting professional photos taken of, no matter what year it is.


Trick or Treating:
It may not be an event per se, but if you have kids then trick or treating is a part of their growing up. Capturing these moments with photos is a wonderful way to see your child’s personality changing, with each costume they pick and each moment they grow up.

Halloween Parties:
Getting photos of adults in Halloween costume is a real treat, especially if it’s someone you would have never suspected to dress up. There may be some very silly moments, especially if alcohol is involved, but you will most definitely have captured people having a fun time, which is what everyone likes to see. 

Since Halloween is around the time of harvest, there are some places that may have festivals surrounding this festive tradition. Examples are pumpkin festivals, corn mazes, etc. These are wonderful events to capture photos of, especially if it is a new experience or an annual tradition.


There is usually a Santa Claus parade in many towns that make a big spectacle every year. If you have kids who are in the parade or other family members or friends who are participating, this is another great reason to get professional photos taken. Parades display the community’s creativity and bring people together to celebrate the theme. 

Christmas Parties:
If you have a staff Christmas party every year, especially with fun games and gift exchanges, you may want to ask a professional photographer to get their camera ready. Having a photo booth set up can also make for fun photo opportunities! After working hard all year round, this is your time to let loose and bond with your coworkers (and maybe the boss?). 

Family Dinners:
This may be the only time of year all your family gets together, so capturing the moment with photos is precious. They help to keep the memories of family members who can’t celebrate with us anymore and to watch those young ones grow up. 

Neighbourhood Lights:
Another idea that is not necessarily an event but it can be a tradition in many people’s families. Drive around the neighbourhood looking at all the Christmas lights displays. It’s neat to get photos each year of the lights and the people admiring them, to see who decides to try and outdo the displays in the next year. 

The New Year

New Year’s Eve Parties:
What a wonderful way to ring in the New Year, by capturing photos of the last day in style! You might be with your best friends, your family, your coworkers, and/or complete strangers. All while saying goodbye to this year and hello to next.

Family Traditions:
Maybe you all get in your pajamas and watch movies bundled up in blankets with hot chocolate; maybe you make it a dance party; maybe you have a big homemade dinner, or maybe you order takeout. No matter what it is, professional photos of your New Year’s Eve experience are a keepsake worth holding onto. 

Any Holiday Event You Want to Celebrate

You may celebrate Thanksgiving with a trek out to Rocky Point Park, Father’s Day by going to a local “Show N Shine,” Mother’s Day with an annual tea brunch, or St. Patrick’s Day with the parade or an Irish tradition. The holidays help keep memories alive. Having photos of these events can bring out the best times we had with our loved ones.

Perhaps you’d like a professional photographer’s help? Maybe I have what you’re looking for in terms of holiday photos! Give me a call. I’d love to hear what kinds of traditions you honour each year for these festive occasions!

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