5 Reasons to Get Christmas Family Photos Taken Every Year

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5 Reasons to Get Christmas Family Photos Taken Every Year | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - 5 Reasons to Get Christmas Family Photos Taken Every Year

I love this time of the year. There’s something almost magical about snow, twinkling Christmas lights in the evening, and all of the traditions that are upheld come Christmastime every year. 

What are your family’s traditions? Do you celebrate with all of the usual like a Christmas tree, a turkey dinner, and presents? Or do you celebrate other holidays this year, such as Hanukkah or Kwanzaa? Perhaps you prefer to honour the Winter Solstice, or maybe you don’t celebrate Christmas at all and prefer to be present where it’s quiet, or go somewhere tropical this time of year?

Every family celebrates Christmas and the holiday seasons in their own special way. Why not get photographs taken of your favourites? Here are five great reasons to get Christmas family photos taken every year.

A recap of the year altogether

For some families the holidays are the only time of the year when they can have a visit from or go to visit their beloved relatives due to location, work, how far to travel, etc. If this is the case for your Christmas or holidays this year, take this opportunity now to get out the camera! You never can tell how much life can delay your loved ones from visiting you for years after their last visit.

Great Christmas card idea!

The tradition of sending photographs in cards or as the cards themselves in the mail is one that’s lasted even to this day. Some families customize their digital photos after the session so that it’s more festive before they print them out and send them to the post office. A lot of families can get really creative about their photo opportunities too!

Has it been a while since the last time you sent Christmas cards to your family and friends? Maybe it’s time to make that your new family holiday tradition. It’s always nice receiving mail that’s not just another bill to pay or junk mail, whether you decide to send it by e-mail or to a physical mailbox.

It’s also a great gift idea

Some people are practically impossible to shop for this time of the year, aren’t they? It can be a hassle to please everyone and make sure someone gets at least one present that will both suit their needs and personality plus has to be met within your budget. Not everyone has the luxury of affording the latest mobile phone on the market for their kids or a new espresso machine for their mom and dad either. 

Photo sessions are both cost-effective and meaningful gifts for the holidays. Taking part and getting great photos involves everyone, not just you and the photographer.  

Every Christmas is different—just like families

Just because you enjoy celebrating Christmas in your home doesn’t mean you do it every year! Some families travel to other places where they reunite with friends and loved ones they haven’t seen in years. Others may opt in for giftless Christmases to save money and waste from wrapping paper and boxes. With a photo session, you can record how you decided to celebrate the holidays and who you enjoyed them with. Plus, cleanup is easy once your session is paid for—all you have to do when it’s the day of is dress up and show up. That’s it! 

It’s fun for everyone!

For certain sessions I photograph like my Christmas minis, I usually have a lot of beautiful and fun props for you and the kids! Some of my clients have also added fun extras to spice up their photo session, like a trip for ice cream. Just because you’re getting your photos taken doesn’t mean you have to be forced to sit still and smile for the camera. Some of the best moments are taken when you’re in the midst of playing with your children, or they’re playing with a toy together, or you’re gazing at the beautiful Vancouver scenery on a cold winter’s day. The holidays are all about fun too—so enjoy your time with the family and let your love for them shine through in your family Christmas photos!

I wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a safe and warm holiday season! Do you think I’d be a good fit for your Christmas photos this year? Contact me and let me know! I look forward to meeting you! 

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