Why You Absolutely Need a Professional Photographer for Your Milestone Event

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Why You Absolutely Need a Professional Photographer for Your Milestone Event | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - Why You Absolutely Need a Professional Photographer for Your Milestone Event Some milestones are so significant you can never get them back. Sure, everyone has a birthday to celebrate, and who doesn’t love revisiting the photos from the Christmas party at the office at a job you love?

There are some moments that are so precious, though, you can’t get them back in real life—and if the photos taken aren’t the greatest, then you only have a blurry idea of what happened. Here are some more reasons why you absolutely need to have a professional photographer for your milestone, whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding, an anniversary, and so many more.

DIY just doesn’t cut it sometimes

Sure, technology has been improving the smartphone time and again, and the cameras you find nowadays on tablets and phones are becoming as sharp and hi-def as the professional’s camera. You know what’s less professional though? Taking a photo and then finding out it’s got a big thumb covering part of it up. Or, a blurry shot due to a phone brought out too fast to really focus on.

Some moments are just too good to not photograph, but it’s these moments when DIY really just isn’t cut out for the job. You may think it’s cheaper to use your own phone as a camera, but you get what you pay for and that includes photos too. 

Unless you’ve actually taken a class on photography or have mastered the selfie, chances are those photos you always wanted at your wedding day will look terrible if not done right. So resist the temptation of being cheap with your family or wedding photos and pay a professional to get the job done. Your family doesn’t deserve having only cheaply made or cheaply taken photos—so why settle for that?

Where are you?

Tell me if this sounds familiar: the look on your child’s face when you bring their birthday cake into the room is so priceless that you immediately search your pocket for your phone. Too late though; by the time you aimed your smartphone at the scene, the candles have been blown out and the look of pure joy is gone. So, too, is that moment. 

Even when you do capture that moment...wouldn’t it feel nicer to be in the photo with your child?

We can get so wrapped up in our own busy schedules that by the time it occurs to you to get pictures of yourself in that moment, the moment is gone. It happens every day. You could say it is a fact of life, but it absolutely does not have to be. A professional photographer can capture you in that moment too, whether it’s cuddling your newborn baby or having a moment with your newly betrothed, or you’re spreading awareness of a charity event you are passionate about.  

Last moments of something precious

Not to be morbid on purpose, but some of the most precious moments in life can be the very last ones. For some, that birthday party for their mom may be their last due to an illness, or your favourite photo was taken before a tragedy took place. I’m sorry that sounds very dark, but it’s true. In fact, my father is one example of someone whose last moments were caught on film. He passed away shortly after we had hired a photographer to take our family photos. 

I’ve seen so many touching photographs of women my age with their mothers, grandparents sharing a private kiss, families having a party—you name it, there is something absolutely precious about these moments that are worth capturing. You just never know what life has in store, or when that beautiful light in life will go out. Moments like that are always worth recording.

Once in a lifetime events

Not everyone is going to travel to exotic places like Italy, or open more than one business in their lifetime. Some occasions are considered to be once-in-a-lifetime events that should really be captured in their best light. Weddings are a huge example, but so too are headshots, grad photos, or group photos for a business’s grand opening. 

Sure, you can ask anyone with a smartphone to take the photos, but that goes back to my point about doing it the cheap way. If you want a sense of professionalism and elegance from your photographs, and they’re for once in a lifetime events, then hiring a professional photographer is the only way to go.

Don’t let these milestones pass you by. Some memories are worth treasuring for years, even decades, in the future. Give me a call if you think my professional photography fits what you’re looking for your next milestone. It doesn’t matter what the occasion may be—let me help capture such precious moments for you. It will mean the world to everyone to see you inside those moments, too.

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