5 Reasons You Should Book a Fall Family Photoshoot

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5 Reasons You Should Book a Fall Family Photoshoot | Photos by CherylPhotos by Cheryl - 5 Reasons You Should Book a Fall Family Photoshoot

I love this time of the year! Fall is resplendent with striking warm colours we see in the scenery and our own layers of clothing. There are more leaves on the ground, and pumpkins are ripening in the fields. 

It really is a wonderful time to take photos. Would you like to remember this season with your family? Here are 5 reasons why you should book a fall family photoshoot this year.

1. School Picture Day was a Bust

Either you missed picture day on their first day of school, or your child’s photos didn’t turn out the way you hoped they would. With a family fall photoshoot, you get to help be in charge. You can make sure no one has a bad hair day and have a lot more fun playing with backgrounds and poses.

2. Fall Photos Make Great Christmas Gifts

A nice fall family photo makes a great Christmas gift, especially for grandparents. There’s nothing like an up-to-date picture of the entire family looking comfortable, cozy, and having fun with the fallen leaves or while in the pumpkin patch. Grandparents get to see the kids, even if it is not in person. It’s a simple gesture that can put a smile on the face of those who receive it. 

3. Autumn is the Best Season to Take Photos

This is partly why I love this time of the year so much. The sky changes colours, the leaves are falling from the trees and changing colours too, and the temperature shifts so outside is not too hot and not too cold. Autumn makes for so much creativity, comfort, and fun for everyone. Whether you’re hanging out in the park under an almost naked tree or walking through the leaves wearing your favourite sweater, fall offers the best scenery to take photos.

4. Everyone Looks Great in Sweater Weather

Speaking of sweaters, there are several types and styles to wear, and everyone has at least one favourite they love to wear during fall. Who wouldn’t want to show off their favourite sweater with a family photoshoot? Everyone looks great, comfortable, and just warm enough walking through the fall breeze just as your family photographer snaps an impressive photo. 

5. It’s a Fun Outing Before Winter Hits

If you are already doing some fun fall things such as visiting a pumpkin patch, navigating through a corn maze, and walking in the park playing with the leaves, why not make a family photoshoot out of it? It gets you out of the house and gets you together with your family while you do something fun and exciting. All the while you’re creating memories and getting photos taken by a professional family photographer as proof of how fun your day was.

Perhaps I can help capture those wonderful fall memories? Contact me if you think I’d be a great match for you and your family. I’d be happy to share my love of the season with you!

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