How About a Backyard Photoshoot?

June 06, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Summer is on its way, and what better way to celebrate the warmer weather than by going outside? We've all been cooped up in our homes for the past year and a bit, and while health precautions still need to be taken, getting outside for fresh air can do wonders for your physical and mental health both. With everything that's happened in the past y...
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What is Family Lifestyle Photography? (Plus Other Questions)

June 02, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Do you prefer a more candid approach to your family photos? Do you find the idea of sitting down and posing in front of a camera to be intimidating or "stuffy"? Family lifestyle photography may be your cup of tea! As a professional photographer, I've had the pleasure of photographing families in a very direct but personal way, putting my clients fi...
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Creative Photoshoot Ideas to Announce a Pregnancy

May 07, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Sometimes May is truly the month of moms—in this case, I'm referring to brand new ones! Finding out you're pregnant is a truly amazing discovery for everyone involved, most especially for you, the mom. If you simply can't wait to announce your new life-changing milestone, one way of letting your friends and family know is with a photoshoot. You ma...
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Tips for Family Members Who Hate Being Photographed

May 02, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Are you the odd duck in your family in that you can't stand the idea of being captured on film? Turns out, you're not alone. About 10-20% of the people I've photographed in my 20 years of being a professional photographer are camera-shy and always hesitant to have their photos taken. Most of them know that a photoshoot to celebrate a milestone is a...
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Creative Ideas for a COVID-safe Graduation Photoshoot

April 26, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Are you a student who is going to graduate this year? One thing for sure is you're probably feeling uncertain about what your future may hold. It's unfortunate that COVID-19 precautions are still ongoing and it hasn't been easy on anyone since it first took hold over everything last year. Yet, amazingly, several students and their families chose to...
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